Improving Your Bottom Line with Architectural Shingles

Improving Your Bottom Line with Architectural Shingles

Is it time to replace your roof? There are plenty of roofing options available. If you're looking for an economical option that's durable and stylish, consider architectural shingles. This shingle type doesn't just look good. It also performs amazingly and can add a considerable amount of value to your home.

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What Are Architectural Shingles?

These shingles can be crafted to mimic cedar shake, slate, and tile roofs. You get the same look and texture the high-end roofs deliver without the price tag. Architectural shingles add value to your home, but don't cost as much to install or maintain. When you want to add beauty and curb appeal to your home without busting your budget, architectural shingles are a great choice.

Now that you understand what these shingles are, keep reading to find out more about their money-saving qualities.


Arguably, the greatest benefit of these shingles is their durability. This shingle type is constructed from multiple layers of granules and refined asphalt that are laminated together. The way these shingles are manufactured makes them incredibly wind resistant. These shingles can withstand wind up to 120 mph whereas your typical asphalt roof is resistant to winds up to 80 mph.

How does this affect your bottom line? Simply put, you'll save money on repairs and premature replacement. Your roof will last longer with fewer problems. Additionally, many home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have these shingles because of their durability.


Did you know that architectural shingles come with a 30-50-year warranty? Most asphalt shingle roofs only have warranties of 20-25 years. Some architectural shingles even come with warranties up to 75 years. A rule of thumb in the roofing industry is the higher the warranty, the better the roof. Warranties reflect how long roof manufacturers expect a well-maintained roof to last.

Do you pay more up front for a roof with a longer warranty? That's a question that's on many homeowners' minds when buying a new roof. Architectural roofs cost more than your standard asphalt roof, but with lower maintenance costs, you end up getting a better deal.

Resell Value

Another way installing architectural shingle can have a positive effect on your bottom line is when you sell your home. A new roof always increases a home's value, but a roof with architectural shingles that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and will last a long time catches buyers' attention. You can set a higher asking price and feel confident doing so.

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Energy Efficiency

Installing architectural shingles can also impact your home's cooling process. These shingles offer greater light diffusion, which means they stay cool in the summer. They also provide installation, which affects your heating in the winter. Lowering your heating and cooling costs is just another way architectural shingles affect your bottom line.

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