Insulate windows today to prepare for the cold

Insulate windows today to prepare for the cold

There's almost nothing worse than going through a Georgia winter with drafty, old windows.

Insulate windows for an easy, low-cost way to solve the problem.

Old, inefficient windows let heat move through them, which means that as your furnace works hard to generate heat, your windows let that heat slip away — over and over again. This cycle not only costs you more money to heat your home, but you also are likely to feel colder in your home, especially if you're sitting near a window.

Insulate windows for warmth

There are several ways to insulate windows—without having to deal with the itchy, pink, fuzzy insulation that you see in your attic. Consider which of these strategies will work best for your home:

  • Applying caulk or weatherstripping: If you can feel a breeze around the window frame, you can seal it up with some basic caulk or by applying self-adhesive weatherstripping.
  • Purchase curtains: A heavier curtain can block heat movement, keeping more heat inside the room and less from escaping through windows. It's also possible to purchase curtains specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Install plastic: Although unsightly, installing plastic on each window does the trick. The plastic creates a seal around the window frame, effectively keeping drafts out and heat inside the home. This project, however, requires time and skill to properly install the plastic, and you'll have be careful when removing the plastic at the end of the season to avoid damaging paint.

Upgrading windows

The best way to deal with inefficient windows, however, is to upgrade the windows around the home. Insultaing your windows is not a long-term fix. If your home's aesthetic and your comfort are suffering from inefficient windows, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Today's energy-efficient windows encourage optimal indoor comfort, lower energy bills, and some even block the sun's rays from the outside, a feature that helps keep summer cooling bills down, too.

If you'd like to talk to a professional about upgrading windows, or you're ready to insulate windows in your home, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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