Is Your Roof Turning Your Home into an Oven?

Is Your Roof Turning Your Home into an Oven?

It's getting harder and harder to cool down as temperatures continue to soar with each passing day. The sun is definitely not our friend this time of the year.

In this report from from ABC11, temperatures are starting to hit triple digit heights:

The sun high in the sky is helping turn up the heat to a scorching 90 plus degrees and with no breeze it feels even hotter.

"Right now it feels like it's 105 out here," said Willie Thorp, a volunteer with the Helping Hand Mission. He's out in the heat with other volunteers, working with no AC of their own there to hand out fans to those without any cooling systems.

But with temperatures hovering higher than 95 degrees the state health department advises against using any fans. Some experts equate it to practically cooking yourself… Do not use a fan when the air temperature is above 95 degrees - it will blow hot air, which can add to heat stress.

With the mercury on the rise, the state's health officials have already advised people to stay hydrated, stay cool and limit outdoor activities, especially in the afternoon. But, when you're indoors, are you sure that you can escape the scorching temperatures?

If heat still bothers you even inside your home, with your air conditioning and other cooling systems, there might be something wrong with your roof.

Aside from the protection from the weather, your roof also has the role of insulating your home alongside the windows and the siding. As one of the largest components of any home, even the most minor damage can affect the way the roof insulates the home. Furthermore, if your roof already looks like it's been through decades of abuse, now is the perfect time to consider replacing your roofing system.

You can never really put a price on the comfort that a brand new roofing system can give you and your family. A new roof can effectively insulate your home better than your old one. Marietta roofing contractors, Roof Roof can provide the new roofing you need for you to cool down this summer. And eventually, the investment in getting a new roof will pay off with comfort and reduced energy usage.

With a new roofing system from Roof Roof, when you come back home after a long and hot day, you can bask in the cool air inside your home.

So if you're tired of your old, worn-out roofing, it's time to call Roof Roof.

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