Leaking gutters: know your options

Leaking gutters: know your options

Leaking gutters may cause a lot of damage to a home's roof and siding, but the trouble is usually easy and inexpensive to fix. As soon as you notice there is a leak, understand your options and take the proper steps to address the problem.

Gutter holes

Holes in the gutter may be the result of the material rusting through, fallen tree branches or shoddy workmanship. In any event, small holes are easy to fix as long as they are located. Roofers will typically examine the source of the leak and patch up any holes in the length of the gutter. Larger holes require the replacement of the entire gutter section. In this case, a roofer will match the patched section to the existing material for the best results.

Leaking joints

The seams in gutters are another place where it is common to spring a leak. Repairing this type of leak involves removing any space between the connection where water can flow. Solutions usually involve sealing the area with the same material used to patch gutter holes. In some cases, joints must be replaced in order to stop the leaking from your roof. This relatively minor fix is always preferable compared to water pooling at your roof or near your home's foundation.

Blocked, leaking gutters

After a major storm in the areas north of Atlanta, you might find that debris has swept from trees and into your gutters, which will cause rainwater to run down the side of your home. In this case, you need to sweep the materials away from the gutters in order to assess the situation. Once you have gutters free of debris, you will be able to tell if the leaking has stopped, or if further patching is necessary. Leaving debris inside gutters could lead to many problems down the road.

Sagging gutters

Longer gutters have peaks in the middle and run straight along your home's roof. When you notice a leak but do not detect holes, you probably have a sagging gutter. Roofers will adjust the hangers, tightening the loose pieces so the proper direction of water flow is restored. This minor improvement has the ability to stop the leak and save you on potential damage to your home.

Fixing leaking gutters is something to tackle immediately in order to avoid costly damage to the roof and foundation. In the worst cases, replacing your home's gutters is advised. In that event, call our installation experts to ensure a quick and painless process.

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