Main Types of Services Provided By Roofing Contractors

Main Types of Services Provided By Roofing Contractors

Many people lump all roofing service providers into a single category, but there is a degree of specialization that separates those roles. There are roofers, roof inspectors, and roofing contractors. While there is sometimes an overlap in functions each position handles, there are specific roles played by roofing contractors that differentiate them from their counterparts. Just as general contractors manage a full team of specialized service providers over the course of a ground-up building project, roofing contractors manage the entire process of roof installation from beginning to end.

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Roofing contractors are construction professionals who can not only oversee the work being performed on the project but can also help shepherd the project through the permitting and inspection phases as well. Keep reading below to learn more about the services offered by the typical roofing contractor.


A roofing contractor may not specialize in inspection, but most contractors are capable of sizing up the needs of your roofing project and providing you with an estimate. The process of roofing installation begins with a consultation, as the roofing contractor will view the scope of your project and everything it entails. Once the project has been preliminarily assessed, an estimate can be rendered so that all parties will have an idea of the price tag for the roofing installation.

Project Assessment

Once the contractor has an idea of the scope of your project, the next service that is provided is project assessment. That means that once the contractor has assessed the nature of your roofing project and its requirements in terms of manpower, equipment, materials, and site work, the contractor can determine many project details such as the needed timeline and work schedule. The phases of the project can then be planned and crews can be allotted to perform the work once the estimate is accepted and the contract is signed.

Project Management

There may be several crews needed to complete your roofing project. There will be laborers who remove your existing roof and haul it away, and there will be roofers who install the new roofing surface. These specialists won't be able to work if the proper supplies aren't ordered and scheduled for delivery on the appropriate timeline. A roofing contractor is responsible for managing all those details and more. The contractor is essentially a project manager who plans and coordinates every detail involved in the installation process, from procurement of materials to scheduling of skilled craftsmen.

Permitting and Inspections

When you hire a roofing contractor, you won't have to worry about learning the permitting process or navigating your local authorities to get the go-ahead to begin the project. A roofing contractor manages that process for you as well. Also, once the roof is installed, you can count on your contractor to make sure it is inspected by the appropriate authorities and cleared for completion.


The most important part of a roofing project is the actual installation, and your roofing contractor will make sure that the proper materials are used and the installation is carried out to industry standards. The contractor will be your advocate and go-between who will ensure that the roof is installed to your expectations and that you are satisfied with the results.

A roofing contractor is a valuable ally when you begin any roofing project who can make the process smooth and convenient for the average homeowner. To learn more about the services provided by a great roofing contractor, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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