Making Your Atlanta Roof Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Making Your Atlanta Roof Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Need something more creative than a green t-shirt to celebrate St. Patrick's day this year? How about a green roof? Building your new Atlanta roof with energy saving materials and features is a great way to tip your hat to St. Patrick and add some green to your wallet at the same time.

St. Patrick And An Atlanta Roofing Company - Different Shades Of Green

According to legend, St. Patrick had a way with snakes and shamrocks. But he didn't have much to say about building green roofs that save energy and lower cooling costs. So, here are some energy-saving home-building ideas from a green Atlanta roofing company.

Top Off Your Green Atlanta Roof With Solar Reflective Shingles

The best way to lower your power bills in the summer is to keep your air conditioner from working too hard. The best way to do that is to minimize the heat load coming from you attic into your home.

Today, most homes already use insulation to prevent heat from transferring between the attic space and ceilings. But what if you could actually reduce the amount of heat that is in your attic?

One great way to do this is to cover your roof with solar reflective shingles. These shingles reflect some of the sun's radiation, rather than absorbing all of it. This results in lower roof temperatures, lower attic temperatures and lower cooling bills.

And thanks to some clever engineering you have more choices than bright white shingles. Manufacturers sell solar reflective shingles that feature an array of tan, brown, gray and silver colors in various shades. In fact, multiple tones are included on the latest architectural / laminated shingles. So, your new Marietta roof can offer both style and energy savings.

However, unfortunately for St. Patrick, kelly green solar reflective shingles aren't on the market quite yet.

Ask Your Atlanta Roofing Contractor For Roof Vents To Really Go Green

As we have preached in past articles, when it comes to saving energy in your roofing system, there is nothing more valuable than roof vents.

Any experienced, reputable Marietta roofing company can tell you that proper roof ventilation is essential for keeping your attic temperatures from heating up above outdoor air temperatures. Without a system of intake and exhaust vents, air that has been heated by your roof gets trapped in your attic.

Properly sized roof vents provide a way for this hot air to escape through your roof and be replaced by cooler outside air. As a result, your air conditioner and your wallet don't have to work so hard.

Roof vents are also beneficial in the winter. First, you want any warm moist air that leaks from your home into your attic to vent before it touches anything cold and condenses. Otherwise, you have moisture collecting in your attic that can lead to water damage.

Second, roof vents keep the attic temperature close to the outside temperature. This is critically important if you have snow on your roof. The cold attic temperature maintained by venting keeps the rooftop snow from melting and forming ice dams which can lead to standing water and and harmful water damage.

By following the advice of your Atlanta roofing contractor and installing roof vents, you not only save money on power bills, you also avoid costly damage and repairs.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day - Contact An Atlanta Roofing Company And Go Green!

If you want to go green on March 17th and every other day of the year, we invite you to contact us today for a free estimate for your new roof.

Whether you live in Atlanta, Marietta or another town in North Georgia, Findlay Roofing is happy to install green roofing materials in your home so you can start saving energy and money all year long.

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