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Modern roof styles are all around you. Check out these style from the Atlanta area.

If you're ready for a new roof, make sure you know the most popular roof styles in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Look to these modern designs for inspiration when planning out your roof. They have proven themselves time and again, but are also being used in new and creative ways today.

Hip roof

The hip roof, which looks a bit like a low, elongated pyramid roof, with the edges protruding a couple feet over the siding, is a classic ranch look. You will find it on many of the ranch houses in the countryside of Georgia of the wider-spaced suburban areas near Atlanta. This hip roof style has several advantages. It has a low profile, looks good in a variety of neutral brown and gray shades, and draws attention downward toward the siding and landscape where most of your home styling efforts tend to be focused.


Colonial homes extended throughout the 13 colonies, which means Georgia has its own share of colonial homes. This traditional style has in turn influenced remodeling and new homes throughout midtown Atlanta, especially large homes that can really go all-out when it comes to adding gables, shutter and other aspects of the box-like colonial structure. Because colonial homes have relatively simple roof styles, apart from the gables, this is an easy style to go with.


Georgia is actually one of the few states in the United States with a high number of French-style homes. These homes tend to use interesting, ornate mansard rooftops that are modified hip roofs with slanted or curved roof slopes and rounded or peaked gables. If you want a truly French style roof for your home, check out some of the modern versions of mansard roofs and other French-inspired designs.

Arts and crafts

While it sounds like a playtime hour, arts and crafts refers to basic gable roof styles that place emphasis on extended eaves and thick beams. There's a lot to be said for this simple, innately American style. It can fit a number of different house designs, and it will blend in nicely with other rooftops in the neighbor while still adding its own unique look to your home. Many different materials and shades can work well with arts and crafts.


If you like the idea of a more modern design, look into contemporary roof styles that incorporate plenty of flat designs using concrete, slate and wooden beams. However, to resist the winds and rains that Atlanta can experience when the weather gets bad, try to avoid completely flat rooftops. Instead, see if you can incorporate low-slope designs in some areas of your house design.

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