New directions: Exterior design ideas for your home

New directions: Exterior design ideas for your home

Even in the middle of a chilly winter, it's natural for Atlanta-area homeowners to think about new directions for a home's exterior. Whether you're contemplating new siding, windows, or shingles for your roof, you have the potential to make a sizable impact with relatively small improvements at reasonable costs. Here are exterior design ideas that will work wonders for your home's curb appeal and overall value.

Window renovation and accents

Targeting your home's windows is a great approach to exterior improvements. In fact, homeowners often marvel at the impact they can gain from a new set of windows, new shutters and molding. Window replacements can upgrade the energy-efficiency of your home — even allowing you to qualify for federal tax credits if you choose the right type.

But the effects go beyond the efficiency upgrade; from a design perspective, they can really enhance the your house's facade. Simonton Windows, one of the most respected manufacturers, can deliver custom or stock windows that save you money on energy costs while providing a huge upgrade in curb appeal.


Upgrading a home's siding is a popular spring improvement for homeowners throughout the Atlanta area. Replacing wood horizontal lap siding can transform the entire look of a home because siding covers so much of the exterior. Vinyl and composite siding is available in numerous colors and textures.

If you want the look of wood siding but hope to increase the durability and fire-resistance of your home's exterior, fiber cement siding by James Hardie has been popular among customers in Woodstock and Alpharetta. The combination of durability and aesthetic beauty is difficult to top.

Roofing work

If siding and window work bring out the beauty of a home's core, roofing work can be seen as the crowning element, the icing on the cake. Crumbling shingles and peeling roof work will drag down a home's overall appearance, no matter how well you've designed the rest of the house. In addition, a home's stability in many ways is a top-down consideration. If you have a roof that has moisture damage or defects in its structure, there will be an impact on aesthetics, efficiency and interior comfort.

Exterior painting

When overhauling your home's exterior design, consider how the color and texture of paints can impact the overall look. It's no secret among homeowners that a fresh coat of paint is the most affordable way to improve upon a home, but the success hinges on the execution of the team you hire. Have a few color schemes in mind, but be open to a contractor's ideas to match a paint type suitable for the Atlanta-area climate. This job is best left for the end of an early-year renovation, as cold weather is inhospitable for paint jobs.

As you begin to think about improvements in your home's exterior design, make sure the structural elements are in place before looking at decorative accents.

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