Part 3 – Tile Roofing – The Big Three of Residential Roofing

Part 3 – Tile Roofing – The Big Three of Residential Roofing

Tile roofs have become an icon of traditional housing design, having been around for hundreds of years. Today, tile roofs are still one of the most popular roofing materials used for building houses. However, tile roofs wouldn't have left quite a mark on residential construction if not for their astounding performance.

Timeless Tiles

Say what you want about tile roofing, but there's no denying that roof tiles make some of the most impressive-looking houses in the neighborhood. The curved profile of each tile gives a roof some texture and dimension, preventing the home from looking flat or boring. Tiles are also available in a variety of colors, which means there's always a tile roof that matches the rest of your home. Although tile roofs are commonly associated with homes that go for a classic or traditional design, modernistic home designs featuring tiled roofs are not unheard of.

Part of being timeless is in the durability of tile roofing. Since tiles are heavier than most alternative roofing materials, they're virtually invulnerable to all but the strongest winds. Although roof tiles have a porous surface, they do not rust or rot like wood and metal, and are also immune to problems that plague asphalt shingles such as curling.

Because roof tiles form a very thick layer of protection over the house, it also doubles as an excellent heat barrier. Heat from the sun is absorbed by the tiles, but at a much slower rate than other roofing materials. While tiles don't lose heat as fast as metal roofing, it's thick enough to prevent the heat from penetrating the outer roof surface, so attic temperatures remain unaffected.

Another reason why tile roofing is an all-time favorite is the ease of maintenance. Since tiles don't get torn off by the wind, it's rare to see a roof tile out of place. In case a tile does get knocked out, repairing it is just a matter of replacing it with a new tile, which can be done by more experienced homeowners.

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