Patio doors: 5 great ideas for your perfect patio

Patio doors: 5 great ideas for your perfect patio

Your amazing patio deserves a great entrance. When picking out patio doors for your Lawrenceville home, you need to choose the design that will best show off your patio, deck, garden and landscaping while still matching your house's style. Here are some great options!

1. Sliding French doors — full window

These are the classic French doors used in many larger, newer patios. They are typically made of two full-sized panes of glass, each the shape of a traditional door. The pane with the handle slides or glides over the other pane via a track in the doorframe. Not only is this simple solution a space-saver, but the panes of glass also allow the best view and the most sunlight into the house.

However, the full-window sliding doors have a few issues. They easily attract fingerprints, and they take up room you may not have for smaller patios. Because they are so common, it's also difficult to really stand out with this style.

2. Sliding French doors — panes

The paned version of the sliding French door design offers a more classic take on patio doors: They divide each door section into several large panes, often framed by wood. Not only does this make it easier to keep the doors clean, but it also provides a more suitable look for a quaint country house, Italian style, and other home designs that favor more traditional elements. Combine with flower boxes for the best effect!

3. Frosted glass doors

These patio doors are also typically gliders, but they replace the clear glass or panes with smoked or frosted glass. This allows you to block out sunlight without resorting to curtains and is ideal in areas where you don't want to let much light into the house. Combine with an aluminum frame for a great modern twist.

4. Window hinge doors

Window hinge doors open just like typical house doors, except they tend to be lighter and fully paned with windows for maximum visibility. This is a great option for patios where there isn't enough room for a double sliding door. Combine with rich woods and brass inlays and door handles for an especially classy look. If you have room, you can make these outward-opening, double doors. Just make sure the kids don't slam them!

5. Folding panel door (sashes door)

Folding panel doors have panels, or sashes, that fold in like a folding screen when open (when only two panels are used, they are typically called bifold doors). Each panel is typically a large pane of glass, although you can alternate pane designs or wood panels as you see fit. These doors are an excellent way to really set your patio apart, especially if you have a long patio or deck against your house that allows you to expand the door into multiple panels. On the downside, these high-maintenance doors are delicate: Open and close with care.

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