Popular Roofing Myths and the Truth About Roof Repair

Popular Roofing Myths and the Truth About Roof Repair

These roofing myths can cost you even more money if you need to make repairs. Learn the truth about your roof and avoid making mistakes the next time you need to deal with rooftop damage.

If the shingles or tiles are fine, the roof is fine

It can be easy for a homeowner to glance up at their roof and think that everything is fine if the shingles still look good and there are no obvious problems like moss or missing tiles. While this sort of obvious damage is an important clue, a rooftop's health depends on much more than just appearance. Many leaks develop because of cracked or warped flashing, which is not noticeable unless you climb up and give your roof a much closer inspection.

Stains do not indicate the position of leaks

Such roofing myths state that if you see a water stain on your roof, you don't really know where it's coming from - water could have leaked in from anywhere. This isn't exactly true, especially for roofing professionals. It is usually very simple to chart where the water dripped from and find the problem with a close inspection.

Roof repair is the same in every climate

It isn't. Not only do different regions have different roofing regulations, but there are many roofing materials, flashing, guards and gutters designed to help deal with particular climates, like snowy regions or coastal areas that see a lot of wind and rain. Do not assume that there is a one-size-fits-all fix for your roof, or that a roof material will perform the same in every location.

Roof installations are DIY projects

Partly for the reasons already listed, and partly because of the experience necessary to properly install felt, flashing and roof structure materials, roof installations are not DIY projects. Repairing a section of shingles or a piece of bad flashing is fairly simple if you have some experience in roofing projects. Dealing with complex moisture problems or replacing structural materials should be left to the professionals.

Replacing a few damaged shingles is quick and easy

If you don't have any roofing experience, don't assume you can just climb up and nail down a few shingles for an easy repair. You have to consider the type of shingles you have, the underlayer, the effect on any nearby flashing, required sealants and more.

You can cover old shingles with a layer of new shingles

As the Chicago Tribune rightly points out, this is one of the most prolific and dangerous roofing myths. While it may be technically legal, it's also a very bad idea to put a new layer of shingles over an old layer. You are just covering up the problem, and often making it worse.

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