Preparing Your Roof for Fall

Preparing Your Roof for Fall

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As the cooler weather arrives and the season changes fully to fall, it is important to prepare your roof for the months to come. Read on to learn the best ways to get your roof ready for the fall and winter, and learn about tips for checking your roof for signs of common damage.

Clear Off Any Debris

One of the best things you can do to keep your roof in great shape as the seasons change is to check for any debris or buildup and remove it from your roof. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional if you worry about the safety, time, or effort involved. Garbage blown in on a storm, a tangle of leaves that's gotten caught, or even mud or dirt that have made a home on your roof should be cleared off.

Check Your Flashing and Sealant

One of the places most likely to form a leak is the places on your roof with flashing. Check those areas and any sealant (think areas near antenna, stacks, plumbing, chimneys) and have them resealed if there has been any wearing or breakdown.

Clean and Clear Your Gutters

One of the worst things for your roof when the colder weather hits is gutters that don't drain properly due to blockages. That backed up water can cause leaks, flooding, or freezing and damage if not allowed to drain as needed. Take a look at your gutters and areas where water may need to drain and ensure that they are free and clear from debris and blockages.

Check Out Your Shingles

Next, check out the state of your shingles. If any are missing, damaged, chipped, peeling, majorly discolored, or generally don't seem uniform with the rest, have them replaced. Your shingles work together to keep your roof strong and free from damage, but they can only do so if all the pieces work as they should.

Check Your Attic or Ceilings

When it comes to taking care of your roof, don't neglect the interior of your house. Check in your attic or inspect your ceilings for water stains or other signs of roofing damage. If you do notice anything amiss, have it addressed immediately by your roofing contractor.

Checking Attic

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Before the cooler weather sets in, have your roof professionally inspected. In addition to keeping your own eyes out for problems, it is beneficial to have your roof checked for damage, signs of weakness, or other problems that may get worse over the fall and winter.

Schedule Necessary Maintenance

If your roof's inspection comes up with any problems, have them fixed sooner rather than later. Small problems can turn into big, expensive problems if left unchecked. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your home protected and your costs down.

Monitor Your Roof Periodically

Even after things are set and ready for the season's change, monitor your roof periodically to make sure there are no drastic changes or problems that pop up.

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