Put the Loose Flashing on Your Roof Back in its Place

Put the Loose Flashing on Your Roof Back in its Place

Are you hearing suspicious noises from the roof of your home in Roswell? Do you see evidence of a leak? You might think that bad shingles are at the root of the problem, but loose flashing is a more likely answer. When the flashing is loose, it allows water to pass through to the roof's structure, and it can be noisy, too. Find out what it takes to repair loose flashing, and why you should use a pro.

Flashing gone wrong

For whatever reason, perhaps due to neglect or poor installation, when the fasteners that hold roof flashing in place become loose, problems ensue. You see, roofers install flashing where the joints of the roof meet. Without it, rain water and moisture would easily penetrate through the seams-and wreak havoc in the attic. The metal flashing creates a strong seal to wick water away and prevents moisture problems, corrosion of nails, and rotting of the wood structure. When flashing loosens, it can move around with the winds, creating a noise disturbance.

Getting the flashing back in order

An untrained eye may not be able to tell if the flashing is loose. However, if you notice water problems in the attic or home, or you hear the metal moving around, you should contact a professional to come assess the roof.

If a small portion of the flashing has corroded or is punctured, the roofer may be able to easily repair it by plugging the holes. Flashing that is beyond repair must be replaced. In order to install new flashing, the roofer will have to peel away some of the surrounding shingles to access the flashing damage. Once the new flashing is installed, the roofer will properly seal the flashing, and re-install the shingles.

Don't take chances with your roof's flashing, and end up with water problems and costly repairs. For help with loose flashing or any other roofing need, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing today!

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