Replacing Your Windows?: What Could Go Wrong

Replacing Your Windows?: What Could Go Wrong

Do you need to replace or upgrade your home windows? New window products offer the opportunity to save on heating bills and change the look of your house, among other benefits, but they need to be installed correctly. Here are some of the mistakes that can result if you aren't careful.

The frame doesn't match your existing materials

We see this problem if you try to match vinyl materials to wood trim, or metal window frames to vinyl edges and so on. The problem here is that different materials - wood, metal, plastic, etc. - expand and contract in different ways according to temperature. They also lose or gain flexibility. If materials don't match properly, windows can grow loose in their frames or develop other problems. Professionals manage this dynamic by measuring carefully, matching materials, and taking out the whole frame/trimwork if necessary.

Window Frame

The space isn't big enough for the window you choose

Most big window mistakes result from not measuring or making inaccurate measurements. This is especially true for custom window products, but even with standardized window sizes, poor measurements can cause serious problems. Such mistakes are most common when upgrading to a window that opens differently, or has an additional pane layer, which increases the width of the window. You need to make sure the window will fit or that you can afford to renovate the space around the window as well.

The window isn't sealed

Window installation isn't just a matter of sliding the window in. Depending on the project, windows need to be glazed, lined with weather-stripping, and sealed at the edges. Forgetting one of these steps leads to leaks, loss of heat, and other serious problems. Preventing these issues is another reason it's important to hire a professional who knows how windows must be installed. Note that the above requirements can differ based on the type of window, the wall, the direction the window faces, and other concerns. Every window is different.

Window Replacement

Replacement delay during bad weather

Obviously you can't always choose when to replace a window, but some times are worse than others. If your window breaks during a rainy season, you need to quickly prepare the room, seal the window opening, and prevent any water from entering your home. You'll also want to take these steps at each stage of window installation, especially if you have to wait a day or two between steps. Avoid this problem by arranging for a full window replacement that takes care of all steps on the same day.

An unknown contractor messes everything up

Not all window contractors are trustworthy. Some will sell you one window but then install an entirely different and cheaper one, without most homeowners knowing the difference. Others may try to sell you features you don't need, claim that windows need to be replaced when they don't, or include unnecessary warranties. The best defense against this mistake is to hire a reliable, local contractor with good reviews and experience.

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