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Roof and Temperature Change: Warnings Before the Heat Comes

Even though the winter season means colder temperatures and icy conditions, it gives roofs in the Hall area a break from excessive heat. It turns out, heat is one of the roof's prime enemies, as roof and temperature change can lead to significant damage. Find out how heat affects your roof and know the warning signs.

How it works

Heat energy actually does a significant amount of damage to a roof, arguably more so than even wind or rain. Intense heat hastens wear and tear, which is one of the reasons manufacturers are racing to design roofing materials that reflect as much of the sun's energy as possible, instead of absorbing it.

Heat damage in action

As your roof absorbs heat energy, the shingles bear the brunt of the effect. Some of the direct results of temperature change on the roof include:

  • Shingles that bubble.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • Shingles that lose their granules.

Another way heat affects a roof and temperature change involves an attic's ventilation. Heat energy that gets trapped inside the attic can cause temperatures in the space to soar, and sometimes even rise above outdoor temperatures. The effect on the shingles is severe, as heat energy moves through the roof and affects shingles.

Do you notice shingles that are cracked around the edges? Are you finding granules in your gutters and around the drainpipes? Can you spot blistered shingles dotting your roof line? Do you notice a pattern of damaged shingles concentrated in the middle of the roof in particular?

Heat really does affect the roof. But Findlay Roofing is happy to help! Our team of roofing experts can evaluate your roof, conduct a roofing analysis, and get to the bottom of the problem. We'll walk you through replacement options and talk to you about lighter colored shingle options that reflect heat and help your shingles last as long as possible.

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