Roof coating: 6 facts every roof owner should know

Roof coating: 6 facts every roof owner should know

While many homeowners and business owners think of rooftops as little more than a layer of shingles, the truth is much more varied and complicated. Roof coatings, for example, are also very important. A poor roof coating or the absence of a coating can prove damaging to a variety of rooftops, especially metal or concrete roofing. Here are six facts about those valuable coatings that you may not know.

1. Roof coatings can save you energy: This is particularly true for businesses and homes that have flatter rooftops. Elastomeric roof coatings are famous for their energy-saving potential. These durable, white coatings cover rooftops and help reflect sunlight. You may not think that it would add up to much, but in sunny regions like Roswell, that coating can make a big difference and save you a significant amount of money on cooling and HVAC maintenance, FacilitiesNet notes. Acrylic coatings can perform a similar function.

2. Materials can last longer with roof coatings: A roof coating helps rooftops last longer. This is true for the coating applied to substrate insulation like acrylic and silicone coatings, which, according to Bayer Materials Science, can be used on inner roof membranes as well as outer coatings. Dedicated outer coatings like modified bitumen also protect shingles and metal roofing from wear or rust. Your roof lasts longer, and maintenance costs decrease.

3. A coated roof is a cleaner roof: Rooftop coatings often help shield the roof from accumulating dust and other debris that may sink into the roof. With some materials, like metal roofing, a coating may also make it easier to clean the rooftop.

4. Coatings are great in rainy areas: Over time, the sealants that rooftops use can slowly degrade. This opens up older rooftops to those dreaded slow leaks that build up without homeowners noticing until they cause widespread damage. According to FacilitiesNet, a midlife roof coating can add a new layer of protection against the rain to stop those leaks from forming, giving your roof a new life.

5. Roof coatings may be necessary parts of the construction process: Many substrate roof coatings are necessary when constructing a new roof. In addition to covering insulation, other materials, like tar-based coatings, are used in built-up rooftops. Urethanes and acrylics are used in single-ply rooftops. It varies from project to project, so ask your contractor for more information on what coatings are being used in your roof.

6. Coatings can help prevent fires: According to FacilitiesNet, specific coatings are UL listed for safety and offer fire-retardant properties that help slow down the spread of a fire. These coatings help improve safety and may be required on certain types of rooftops. Having a roof coating may also entitle you to an insurance discount, depending on your situation.

Homeowners in Douglas and beyond can talk to one of our consultants at Findlay Roofing about coating options and what benefits they can offer to your roof.

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