Roof Leaks: The Worst Case Scenario

Roof Leaks: The Worst Case Scenario

Roof leaks are the sworn enemy of a happy home. Even the consequences of having just a small opening can be disastrous if you do not act quickly to plug the hole. Here is what could happen you do not fix a leaking roof pronto.

Structural Damage

Moisture and air entering the roof will damage your home’s attic instantly. If a particularly nasty storm hits the Buckhead area while your roof has holes, the damage can become severe overnight. The interior ceiling will become soaked and could collapse. As a result, you may find water dripping into your bedrooms and, eventually, your living area and family room.

Exposed underlayment in the roof means the hole will spread quickly. Rafters, ceiling joints, roof framing, drywall and any other part of the structure will be affected as a result of direct contact with water and moisture. Even a small leak will lead to rot, mold and mildew forming in the attic. This will weaken the structure and create unstable conditions.

Collateral Damage from Roof Leaks

While soaking wood is sure to deteriorate, there are many other things for homeowners to worry about with a leaking roof. This first a potential electrical fire. When a roof leaks, wiring in the attic or ceiling will get wet and short-circuit—and will potentially catch fire. Meanwhile, any standing water or slick spots inside the house create safety hazards for family members going about their business.

Other effects are more subtle. Damaged insulation compromises the efficiency of your home, making utility bills rise. High amounts of moisture and space will invite rodents and insects into the home as well. Left alone, these conditions will welcome mold and rot—and health and safety hazards for your family. Anyone with breathing trouble or allergies can get sick breathing air filled with mold.

Leaving roof leaks alone is never a good plan for homeowners— even when the situation seems manageable. If you notice a problem at home, contact Findlay Roofing for immediate attention.

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