Roof Repairs: Mother Nature and How Much Her Fury Costs

Roof Repairs: Mother Nature and How Much Her Fury Costs

Mother Nature can come up with some terrifyingly destructive forces. Even the average storms your house experiences can do damage. When the weather starts turning up the wind, rain, hail and ice—roof repair needs soon follow. How much do these repairs cost the average homeowner? Let's take a look:

Roof Work Costs

Roof materials can differ greatly in terms of cost. Prices will vary based on location, installation methods, and more. This makes it difficult to pinpoint what a roof project will cost. Roofers may provide a typical charge for a 10 x 10-foot area to help create a quick average for materials. A square of shingles, for example, tends to cost around $100—not including other materials used.

When it comes to labor costs it's easier to make generalizations. Average roof repairs can cost between $45 and $75 per hour when you call in a professional. Some quick math here shows that even a small amount of storm damage tends to cost a couple hundred dollars to fix appropriately. Mother Nature can be expensive - and that's why prevention is often a cheaper method.

Replacing Materials

Let's dig a little deeper into roof material repairs. Harsh weather tends to affect the top layer of your roof the most. Missing shingles, panels or tiles are a common side effect of storms. What material you use will directly affect the costs of the repair. Generally, repairs run between $316 and $1,017.

When it comes to traditional asphalt shingles, a basic repair (not a full roof replacement) costs around $250 on average. Asphalt is one of the cheapest materials out there. If you have a metal roof or a roof made of composite materials, the average repair cost is around $300. Wood and tile rooftops tend to see repair costs around $360. Slate rooftops are some of the most expensive to repair, with job costs leaning towards $530.

Leaks around Skylights and Other Roof Structures

Harsh weather often exploits vulnerable sections of the roof and causes leaks. These can be particularly noticeable around skylights. Repairs here involve installation new flashing and new sealants, which can add to the cost. With complications like these, roof repairs can rise to around $450 for parts and service—despite the size of the problem.

Total Roof Replacement

Particularly dreadful weather will not only harm your roof, but will also damage it so extensively that you'll need a full replacement. Replacements are usually the most expensive roofing projects, ranging from $7,000 for shingles to nearly $17,000 for metal rooftops and even more for clay tiles (slate rooftops near $30,000 for a full replacement).

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