Roof Style: Which Roof Material Looks Best With the Exterior of Your Home

Roof Style: Which Roof Material Looks Best With the Exterior of Your Home

Are you ready for a new roof style but having trouble picking out the right materials to match your siding? There are online visualization tools that can make it easier. To help you get started, here's a quick guide to picking out the right roof material based on your siding types.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very popular siding choice. It is available in many different colors, with lighter shades being a favorite. With vinyl or very similar wood plank painting, there are two different ways you can go. First, many Colonial, Federal and ranch style homes can use this siding with richer, creamier colors in pastel shades - think light blues and buttercups. Here, a brown or reddish roof made from shingles or tiles can complement the siding for a rich, warm feeling.

If you prefer simpler white siding and a more modern feeling, stick with gray or black shingle roofing to keep the appearance cool and crisp - while still giving you some leeway when it comes to trim. Dark rooftops will highlight the walls and landscape, but may not match your environment as well as a neutral gray roof.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding, like vinyl siding, is also available in a variety of colors. Yet, you may find that fiber cement material tend to come in neutral colors: the grays and browns that match nearly anything. Here a traditional gray shingle roof style is a great bet, but tan colors can also work well. Fiber cement materials may also be suitable for options like white "cool" rooftops for energy savings.


If you have a lot of stone or faux stone on your house, you may want to stay away from gray shingles, which can clash with the wrong stone colors. Instead, think about a metal or slate roof style for a great modern look. Metal roof panels are available in many shades, and their smooth look can pleasantly offset the rough look of the stone - likewise with slate. For warmer, richer stone tones, consider using wooden shingles or red tiles to continue the earth-tone theme across your roof.


Brick, like stone, is a long-lasting material that does not change colors easily (no painting over brick, in most cases). All those red hues are a great chance for you to use a unique type of roofing like copper roof panels. Warmer shades of shingles and tiles can work well too, but you may want to stay away from grays and blacks that can clash with the warm brick colors.

Cedar shingles

Cedar shingles provide a warm, natural look on a home and look surprisingly good with a variety of colors. A simple gray roof style accentuates cedar siding while earth-toned roofing materials complement the reddish wood colors.

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