Roof styles to really make your roof stand out

Roof styles to really make your roof stand out

Looking to make your roof stand out? Check out these various roof styles and how you can use them to design the perfect, unique roof for your Atlanta home.

Hip roof: A hip roof is made from many descending angles, where every side of the roof slopes down from a point toward the walls. The “hip” comes from the angle where the roof slopes meet at the highest point. This may sound like a simple style, but in a house with gables and new additions or extra rooms, it can quickly become a beautiful, complex intersection of multiple descending slopes.

Gambrel roof: Gambrel roof styles are most often seen on traditional barns, but it has been adopted for a variety of different housing styles, too. This double-sided roof starts at a peak and then descends at two different angles. One section of the roof angles gently outward, and the second section angles more steeply down to the ground. According to Roof101.com, this is an excellent shape for adding a dormer for extra light and space. You can also look at Dutch revival houses for unique ways gambrel rooftops can be used.

Bonnet roof: A bonnet roof does indeed look a little like an elongated hat, with the top portion of the roof resembling a hip roof, and the bottom portion extending out nearly parallel to the ground like the brim of a hat. This is not only a unique style that allows for some intersecting roof work, it always creates a ready-made space for porches, covered patios and other features.

Saltbox roof: Saltbox roof styles are typical double-side, slanting rooftops, except one side is short and leads to a high wall, while the other side is very long and eventually ends at a lower wall. The result is simple but striking and works great for a modern design. This allows one side of the house to be two stories, while the shorter side is only one story, but without complex roof angles this would typically require.

Flat and angled roof: For an ultra-modern look, consider making your roof out of a combination of flat lines and angled, shed-like sections that exist separately from each other (if you don’t like the angles, then a collection of flat rooftops at different heights can work well, too). This modern design, which works especially well with metal and stone roofing, allows you to give each section of the house a different roof line. However, it may not work well in areas that get a lot of rainfall.

Green roof: Green (eco) rooftops have designated sections that act as small gardens for plants and grasses — and they can work even on slanted rooftops. If your roof can bear the weight, these sections can actually help cool down your house in addition to embracing the environment.

Determine which roof style you feel best matches your personal style and the look of your home. These options provide a wide variety. Once you have chosen and installed your new roof, contact Findlay Roofing to set up ongoing maintenance or for any repairs that become necessary.

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