Roofing Materials for Low-Pitched Roofs

Roofing Materials for Low-Pitched Roofs

Choose the roofing materials for your Atlanta home wisely, especially if the pitch of the roof is low. Water drainage is a significant concern with low-pitched roofs. Without the natural high pitch that steep slopes offer, moisture problems can lead to serious, costly damage. Learn how to choose the right materials for your low-pitch roof.

What's the problem?

In general, standard asphalt shingles or slate shingles used in moderate to high-pitched roofs cannot sustain the health of a low-pitched roof. To ward off drainage problems, homeowners must turn to roofing systems that can be sealed. That's because a roof with a low pitch deteriorates quickly due to leaks, exposure to the sun, variations in temperature, aging and the sagging of the wood structure that occurs over time.

Roofing options

In combination with an effective drainage system, the type of materials the roof employs is also important. Underneath the top layer of roofing materials, the roof needs an effective waterproofing layer over a membrane roofing system. Over top of these layers, homeowners can choose to install asphalt shingles, tile or wood shingles; however, these serve merely as a decorative feature, not as part of the roof that will protect the structure from weather elements. Alternatively, the roof can be sealed much like a flat roof.

Some additional options from which you can choose include:

  • Built-up roofing, a system that consists of several roofing layers that are essentially cemented together. The top layer is constructed of crushed stone or gravel.
  • Single-ply membrane, constructed of rubber sheeting, plastic or modified bitumen. A top coating is applied to protect it.
  • Roll roofing, a material that's saturated with asphalt and then roofing felt covered in granules is installed over the roof deck. This type of roofing is typically only one or two-ply, doesn't offer a whole lot of coverage, and is vulnerable at its seams.

Talk to the roofing professionals at Findlay Roofing today, and ask about the best roofing materials for your low-pitch roof.

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