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Santa Asks Atlanta To Get Ready For His Christmas Eve Arrival

santa-speaksNorth Pole (Elf Press) - Santa has completed his pre-Christmas test flights and has proclaimed that his reindeer team and sleigh are ready for the big delivery on Christmas Eve. "The flight crew is good to go, but I want to make sure my landing crews are getting ready, too," announced the jolly old fellow from his busy workshop. Santa then presented a "to do" list for his friends in Atlanta and across the world, so that their roofs would be decorated safely for his Christmas Eve arrival.

Please Keep The Christmas Decorations On The Ground And Off Your Atlanta Roof

"I love Christmas decorations more than anyone," continued Santa, "but some of you good folks have gotten a little carried away over the years. I worry about your safety and mine when I see those big, lighted reindeer on your roofs. I remember a particularly hard landing last year in Marietta when we narrowly avoided a collision with a plastic Prancer. And the homeowner might remember the extra 'present' Dasher left on the roof."

Santa pointed out that 2011 has been a remarkable year for goodness, with more children than ever on his "nice" list. As a result, he believes his sleigh will be heavier than usual this Christmas Eve. He also admitted that he had "possibly enjoyed too many Christmas cookies from 2010 and gained 'one or two' pounds over the year."

"Between my slight weight gain and the added presents this year, I'm asking everyone to please keep your decorations on the ground and off your roofs. I don't want Rudolph and the boys falling through your overloaded roof, much less me and the sleigh," Santa announced.

"And I'm sure you don't want to spend your Christmas money paying for a roof repair instead of a new HDTV or tablet PC," he chuckled. Some insurance companies don't cover roof repairs involving a team of reindeer and a sleigh landing on your roof. Call your local agent for details on your specific policy.

Decorating Your Atlanta Roof Safely For Christmas

Santa was very careful to note that he did not want to discourage the Christmas spirit. "The world is a wonderful thing to behold at Christmas. All the bright lights match the bright spirits that soar this time of year," he said gleefully.

However, he did issue one warning about decorating with lights. "Even though Mrs. Claus says my old eyes aren't what they used to be, thanks to Rudolph, I don't have any problem seeing your roof at night. So, there's no need to risk injury by climbing on your roof to light a path for me."

Santa even offered the following tips for those who could not resist the idea of lighting up their roofs for Christmas.

  • Avoid walking on your roof
  • Use a ladder to hang lights from your gutters
  • Do NOT nail or staple lights to any part your roof, including the fascia
  • Do NOT pry or lift roof edge flashing to install lights

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From Findlay Roofing

The friendly folks at Findlay Roofing join Santa in encouraging you to decorate safely and smartly for the holidays.

We also thank all of our customers for their business in 2011 and in years past. We hope that all of our neighbors in Atlanta, Marietta and across North Georgia enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with a solid roof over their heads.

If you have additional questions about preparing your roof for Christmas sleigh landings or any other events, we invite you to contact us today.

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