Shingle Stain Removal: Restoring your roof’s shine

Shingle Stain Removal: Restoring your roof’s shine

Dark stains are common on many shingle types, so there is no major cause for concern if you find part or all of your roof discolored after years of use. In fact, staining is a natural process that can be reversed when using the right cleaning system. Here is help understanding the cause of these stains and how to best handle shingle stain removal.

Causes of shingle stains

From Woodstock to Buckhead and every other part of Atlanta's suburbs, a dark-colored algae collects to shingles to cause visible stains. For several years, shingles have been produced with a 10 percent copper content that makes the roofing resistant to algae and moss. However, anyone with an older roof will experience the full impact of this problem. New roofing systems offer algae resistance warranties that span from 10 to 15 years.

Staining may only cover part of your roof if there is metal content (in flashing or vents) present because metals repel algae and prevent moss from growing. In other cases, you may see dark stains covering your entire roof if it is free of metal material. While most manufacturers and roofers agree algae doesn't damage a roof, it certainly doesn't help your home's property value or curb appeal one bit.

Shingle stain removal options

Before trying to remove shingle stains on your own, it is best to contact a roofing company first. It is best to get a free roof analysis from a professional because there are a lot of considerations that you may not know about. For instance, the kind of chemical you would choose, may actually harm your roof or void a warranty. Additionally, landscaping and plants below your roof should be considered. Whatever cleaning products are used will rinse off and impact the greenery below, so consider the full cycle of cleaning before you start.

Of course, another reason to contact a professional is that - as with any other roofing activity - there are risks involved, especially in sloping roofs. Consider hiring an insured professional roofer to inspect and clean your shingles to avoid any potential accidents.

If your roof has heavy staining, you may consider having metals strips installed near the roof ridge. Rain carries a small amount of metal content across the roof, which prevents algae from collecting. Ask a professional roofer to help with this process in order to prevent future algae buildup. With the right cleaning product and a safe cleaning system, shingle stain removal will restore your home's roof near its original beauty.

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