Something About Gutters: Tearing or Overlaying?

Something About Gutters: Tearing or Overlaying?

planning-roofing-projectHaving a solid and long lasting roof starts with proper installation. Professional roofing contractors follow procedures to increase the longevity and efficiency of your roof, along with installing only high quality roofing materials. So when you are planning your roofing project, there are two things to carefully consider before tearing everything down.

Tear and Overlay

GAF, a world renowned manufacturer of roofing materials explained two basic things that homeowners should know, in terms of roof repair:

You should tear off old roofing to repair or replace rotted or deteriorated decking and framing; to replace bad flashing; to install proper soffit ventilation; to install leak barriers; to seal critical leak areas such as valleys, dormers, skylights, chimneys, roof slope transition areas, ice dam areas, and wind-driven rain entry points; and to comply with building codes.

Many top contractors feel that you should remove old roofing on every project, but it is acceptable to overlay when the existing roof is lying flat, when flashing and roof deck protection are still performing, if there have been no previous leak problems, and if ventilation at the soffit is acceptable or attainable without tearing off roofing.

Roof Roof, a professional roofing contractor in Marietta advises that it is important to determine the overall condition of the roof, which has a lot to do with the type of material used.


A roof system is composed of more than shingles. In fact, it is typically several layers that need to be inspected anually by a professional roofer. To ensure the quality of the roofing materials, you should take time to research roofing companies and scrutinize their credentials before getting service.

Many contractors in Greenville which offer the same roofing services, however, do not utilize materials made by top manufacturers and this can be dangerous, especially those that don't come with warranties. Roof Roof, a contractor which also specializes in roof repair, is certified by GAF and has been delivering great results to its customers - with over 30,000 roofs replaced!

(Article Excerpt and Image From SCFC The Importance of Gutters, bhgrealestate.com)

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