Spring Roof Maintenance: A Checklist for Every Homeowner

Spring Roof Maintenance: A Checklist for Every Homeowner

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Winter is slowly coming to an end. Winter passing into spring means it is time to do an annual roof inspection to see if there were any damage done during the harsh winter season. Here is a spring roof maintenance checklist that will help you ensure your roof is ready to take on another year.

Always Remember Safety

Anything to do with a roof can be dangerous unless you are firmly on the ground looking up. If you are up on your roof, the potential for injury is a lot greater. Because of that, make sure you have a friend or family member spot you while you are on a ladder or up on the roof. Use safety gear to the greatest extent possible. Also, do not grab, walk or climb onto anything that is wet or loose.

Clear Debris

To see minor or less visible damage, you need a clean surface. Clear the roof of any leaves, branches, mold, moss, and any other accumulation of debris. Also, clear your gutters and downspouts around the soffit and fascia. Once the roof and gutters are clear of debris, you can start to give the roof a close-up visual inspection.

Document Any Damage

Take note of any loose, ripped, broken, or missing shingles. Look over shingles for missing sand. Check for cracks in slate or rust on metal roofing. Scan the roof for nails that have popped up as well as any flashing that is missing or has been dislodged. Additionally, look for discoloring because that can mean a leak is present. Use a screwdriver to prod any exposed wood lightly, and look for rot.

Make sure you look over any enclaves, gutters, downspouts, around chimneys, and at convergence points in your roof. Look for any gaps or loose materials, damaged seals, broken or missing sealant,mortar or liquid adhesive. You also should inspect the paint of any part of the house that protrudes from the roof. Getting everything done at once is a good plan that will ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Assess and Decide

There are some roofing fixes you can do yourself, but some you will need professional help. Determine which maintenance items you can and can't do on your own. That will help you plan your roofing maintenance and repair. Repair costs may be costly as well, so accurate assessment will help you plan your budget to ensure you have enough money to cover your costs. If the damage is minor and easy to fix, you could do it yourself to avoid contractor costs. But, if the damage is extensive, you may be better off hiring a roofing professional to do the work for you.

Your roof takes a beating all year long. If you inspect your roof in spring, you can stay ahead of repairs. Spring makes for a good season to inspect your roof and repair damage. Remember, that if you do not know how to do something, hiring a roofing professional is wiser than learning on the go. Consult with the professionals at Findlay Roofing to determine what you need to repair on your roof.

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