Storm Damage: Insurance Claims Woes and How to Handle Them

Storm Damage: Insurance Claims Woes and How to Handle Them

The seasonal transition from winter to spring typically brings ice storms and sleet mixed with rain and even severe thunderstorms. This can mean trouble for most homeowners in the area as frequent hail can do significant damage to your roofing. With spring just around the corner, making sure that your roof is in good condition is critical to your family's comfort and safety against the changing temperatures.

Sure, in today's roofing technology, your roof can probably withstand constant beatings from different weather conditions, from the hottest summers to the coldest winters. But if you want it to look great, perform well, and last long, it still needs to be inspected and maintained regularly, especially if it has been through heavy rains, sleet, wind and hail.

You can call Roof Roof, one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Marietta, to do the inspection for you so you can get professional advice. If our roofing experts find that a recent storm has damaged your roof, you can file a claim from your insurance company as these are considered insurance loss on your homeowner's policy.

The insurance company will then shoulder the entire cost, less your deductibles, for repairing your roof or for replacing your roof completely—the latter if, according to a professional roofer, it is severely damaged by the storm. Most insurance companies put a timeline on how long the process will take, which is typically six months to a year.

We at Roof Roof understand how this process can be frustrating for homeowners. That's why we try to help our customers with their insurance claims as much as we can. If you think you have hail damage, don't wait to file a claim. Call us for a free inspection and get your roof done before winter hits!

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