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Summer Is the Best Time for a New Roof and Skylight

Replacing a roof isn't a project most homeowners plan for or look forward to. Still, the longer you own your home, the more likely you'll need to think about a new roof. While you can replace a roof at any time during the year, summer is ideal. Explore reasons why you should schedule your roofing project during the warmer months. Also, if you've considered adding skylights to your home, you may be able to have them installed at the same time.

New Roof

The Weather Forecast

Most outside home improvement projects depend on good weather. Any project that includes work on the roof demands dry weather conditions. Of course, you may experience rainstorms in the summer, but you're less likely to deal with cancellations due to poor weather. Check with your local roofing company. When you ask about timing, they'll likely tell you it depends on the weather. If your area enjoys more warm and dry weather in the summer, that's when you should consider scheduling installation.

You'll Be Ready for Rainy Season

Close your eyes and imagine what the days feel like during July and August. The light is golden. It warms the body and the soul. You know what comes after the dog days of summer. The rainy season followed by chilly winter temperatures. Why not take care of both your new roof and add a few skylights now so that you have peace of mind when the fall rains arrive? You'll know your home is protected from the weather. You won't need to worry about leaks popping up in the attic or other areas of your home. And if you install skylights at the same time, you'll not only enjoy more natural light, you'll also take care of two major home improvement projects at the same time.

Summer Roofing Projects Takes Less Time

The goal of any home improvement project is spending the least amount of time to complete the project. Once you determine it's time for a new roof, of course, you'd like the project finished as quickly as possible. Even though the roofing contractor's team won't be inside your home, they do usually bring some equipment and a dumpster for your old roofing materials. The outside of your home may be a bit messy and things can get noisy. No one wants to stretch the job out, especially the roofing company. Summer normally offers the best conditions for your roofing contractor to tear off the old roof and get install the new one quickly. They may be able to complete the job in a day. Keep in mind experienced roofing teams can handle installations even during challenging weather conditions. But summer weather allows the team to maximize their time without the interruptions they deal with more frequently during rainy and cold seasons.

Summer Is Roofing Season

What does roofing season have to do with skylight installations? Remember, installing skylights, requires opening your roof. Summer is one of the busiest times for roofing companies. After winter ends, many homeowners have a roofing contractor come out and assess any damages that occurred during the winter. If they end up replacing a roof, it's the perfect time to plan for adding skylights. Even if a roof doesn't need a total replacement, why not go ahead and install skylights at the same time you schedule repairs? You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you won't deal with a leaky roof and enjoy a better mood from more sunlight shining in your home. You should also save money by having both jobs done at the same time.

Roof with Skylights

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