Temperature Tantrum: Heat and Water Shouldn’t Mix

Temperature Tantrum: Heat and Water Shouldn’t Mix

Temperature Tantrum: Heat and Water Shouldn't Mix

The temperature of a roof: This is something to consider when it comes to damage and repairs. Extreme heat and cold are two important hazards that affect when repairs are needed. A home can also be severely impacted by wind, rain, and other weather combinations that come with storms.

Summer months in Georgia can cause roof temperatures to skyrocket as summer can impact the integrity of a roof's structure. The heat alone causes some shingles to become brittle or fall off. When mixed with water, the trouble can double. Damaged shingles can cause water to "pond" on the surface or underneath the surface. This standing water mixed with UV rays can contribute to blocked drains, damaged parts of the roof, and even void a warranty.

Though one element does not cause damage to the other, damage from rain plus damage from high temperatures equals a severe hazardous situation. Asphalt based roofs are the most at risk when it comes to heat. They tend to break down and become brittle in direct sunlight. The gutters are usually a good indication that this type of damage is occurring. Typically, the parts that have broken off will collect in the gutter when it rains. Cleaning out the gutters regularly will help identify if there's a problem that needs to be addressed before the next wave of extreme weather.

If you're having issues with your roof, call Findlay Roofing. Schedule a free roof analysis in order to pinpoint the source of damage. Findlay has replaced more than 41,800 roofs, so they have the experience needed to know exactly how to fix your roof.

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