The Different Roof Styles That Cover Atlanta Homes

The Different Roof Styles That Cover Atlanta Homes

roof-stylesAtlanta is known for its diversity. You can even see it as you scan the roofs over the city. But why are there so many different roof styles in Atlanta?

If you take a minute to learn more about the various roof styles, you'll realize that architects and home builders consider cost, safety and function when selecting a roof type to cover and protect a home.

Popular Atlanta Roof Styles - Gable and Hip

Drive through any Atlanta neighborhood and you're likely to find that gable roofs and hip roofs dominate the landscape. Why?

With the classic A-frame profile , gable roofs are easy to build, relatively inexpensive and very effective at shedding water. They are also fairly easy to maintain and repair. From a design point of view, gable roofs are versatile, as they can be covered with a variety of materials, including shingles, metal and tile.

The hip roof is very similar to the gable roof, as it primarily built on an A-shaped truss or rafter support system. However, a hip roof is closed, or covered, at the ends by sloped roof sections, unlike a gable roof which has open overhangs/rakes at each end.

Not only do these closed ends make hip roofs more resistant to high winds, they also add an element of elegance. At the same time, hip roofs enjoy the same water shedding abilities as gable roofs, although they are more expensive to build, replace and repair.

Less Common Atlanta Roof Styles

Every now and then, you will see a shed roof over an Atlanta home. The shed roof is a simple, single sloped roof that looks like one half of a gable roof. Shed roofs are relatively inexpensive to build, fairly effective at blocking and shedding water, and offer a distinct appearance.

Popular in the 1800's and early 1900's, the mansard roof is an even more distinctive roof style, featuring a flat top surrounded by nearly vertical roof sections along its sides. In fact, the sides of a mansard roof often act as exterior walls, and even include windows in many cases. Window details make the mansard roof relatively expensive to build and maintain.

In addition, the flat top of a mansard roof is a potential source of standing water and water leaks. So, a mansard roof must be cleaned frequently to keep its slight slope and drainage system effective for water runoff and diversion.

Similarly, the flat roof is another roof style with a high risk of water ponding and leaking. A small blockage or partial clog can easily overcome a flat roof's subtle slope and neutralize its drainage system.

To be fair, however, a flat roof does have some uniquely useful advantages, such as added recreational space on the roof and greater living space under it.

Atlanta Roofs That Defy Labels

The skyline and neighborhoods of Atlanta prove that architects never sleep, especially in today's rapidly moving society. With creative home layouts that include multiple wings and cleverly arranged upstairs rooms, the days of simple gable roofs are numbered. Most homes built in recent years are more likely to have hybrid roofs that include features from various roof styles.

The good news is, Findlay Roofing is ahead of the game and ready to meet all of your roofing needs, no matter how complex. If you have questions about your Atlanta roof or would like a free estimate for your roofing project, we invite you to contact us today.

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