The Importance of Installing Skylights for Your Commercial Building

The Importance of Installing Skylights for Your Commercial Building


No matter what kind of business you run out of your commercial building, skylights offer many advantages. Not only do skylights allow more natural light into your space, they also create a healthier, more productive environment. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of installing skylights in your commercial space.

Reduce Stress Levels

Think about how it feels when you're having a bad day, and you bathe your weary body in warm sunlight. Your mood rises and you feel better. The same effect happens in commercial buildings when more sunlight enters the space. When people work in low light conditions, their mood decreases and their stress levels rise. Installing skylights brings more light to the environment and creates a more positive work environment.

Increase Productivity

When your employees feel good, they're naturally more productive. Deadlines are met faster. New ideas seem to spring forth like magic and projects get done quickly. People enjoy working in bright spaces and they'll show up for work each day feeling energized and ready to get things done.

Fewer Illnesses

A business only succeeds when its employees have the energy to work hard toward a common goal. Dark workspaces not only raise stress levels, but they contribute to illnesses like the common cold. Installing skylights can boost serotonin levels and minimize symptoms of depression, anxiety, and brain fog. A good attitude goes a long way toward improving one's physical health, too. Introducing as much natural light to your commercial space plays a huge part in keeping everyone in the building happy and illness free.

Lower Your Energy Costs

You might think skylights would raise energy costs because they allow more heat into the building during the warmer months. However, well-insulated skylights regulate energy usage. Also, the more natural light coming into your building, the less you'll need artificial light. Today's commercial lighting is energy efficient, but you still spend more money lighting a space using artificial lighting. Why not rely on natural lighting to brighten your building and keep energy costs in check?

Another Skylight

Add Value to Your Building

Adding a couple skylights to your building instantly boosts its value. If you're considering selling the building in a few years, invest in skylights to make the space more attractive to buyers. Potential buyers enjoy the airiness that skylights bring to the space. If your space is relatively small, adding just one skylight can make the space appear substantially bigger. Space and light are the first things potential buyers notice when touring commercial buildings.

Are you ready to install skylights in your commercial building? This is a task that requires top-notch professional roofers. Professionally installed skylights minimize energy costs, are leak-resistant, and last for many years.

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