The Major Types of Asphalt Shingles

The Major Types of Asphalt Shingles


Summer is the perfect time to take care of a roofing project. The weather usually cooperates and makes the job easier. Also, a new roof in the summer means you're ready for the rainy season when it arrives. Besides choosing your roofing contractor, you'll also select the new shingles. If you've never replaced a roof, that might sound a bit intimidating. With the help of your contractor, selecting the right roofing materials won't be stressful. Before you get started, take a minute and learn more about the major types of asphalt shingles.

Three Tab Shingles

The most basic asphalt shingle is the 3-tab shingle. It's a single layer shingle made from a fiberglass base. The base is coated with mineral granules. Fiberglass provides durability. The mineral granules give each piece a range of color tones. Three-tab shingles are an ideal weight. They're neither too light nor too heavy. If shingles are too light, you may have issues with uplift. If they're too heavy, you need extra reinforcement. Choose these shingles and you'll have a roof that's able to resist wind and fire. This is good news for homeowners who live in areas with extreme weather conditions. Three-tab shingles usually come with either a 20, 25, or 30-year warranty. You can recognize 3-tab shingles by the notches in the exposed layer. This adds a decorative element to your roof. Since these are the most basic shingles, they're also the most cost-effective and work well for homeowners who are on a tighter budget.

Dimensional Shingles

If you want to upgrade a bit from 3-tab shingles, consider dimensional shingles. Visually, the biggest different is that 3-tab shingles make a repetitive pattern on the roof. Dimensional shingles, because they're constructed from two or more layers of shingle material, have a three-dimensional appearance. From a durability perspective, the multiple layers provide a higher level of strength. Dimensional shingles come in a range of grades. The heaviest grades can withstand up to 130 mph winds. Depending on the grade, you'll also find longer warranty periods. Homeowners like dimensional shingles because they look more attractive. You'll find plenty of color choices so that your roof looks unique. They're also quite popular, so you shouldn't have any issues with availability. Roofing contractors like them because they're better at covering over structural imperfections. Like the 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles work on most roof types and pitches. Expect to pay more for dimensional shingles than you will for the 3-tab, but they're still less expensive than the premium shingles we'll look at next.

Multicolored Shingles

Luxury Shingles

If you like the look of natural slate or cedar shakes you'll want to consider premium shingles. Often called designer shingles, when you choose these for your new roof, your roof will stand out in the neighborhood. Luxury shingles are stunning! They're thicker with a distinct profile. They're not only visually appealing, luxury shingles are made from the highest quality materials in the industry. They offer an even higher level of protection from weathering than 3-tab or dimensional shingles. If you live in a luxury home and want a premium exterior finish, designer shingles are an excellent choice. Maybe you're simply looking for a heavy-duty roofing material that comes in a wider selection of colors and pattern than standard shingles. Luxury shingles are a great fit for you too!

Any one of the three main types of asphalt shingles will work for a wide range of roofing needs. Talk with a specialist at Findlay Roofing today for help selecting the best shingles for your unique home!

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