The Negatives of DIY Window Installation

The Negatives of DIY Window Installation

It's tempting, especially if you have a passion for DIY projects, but even if you're handy with tools, installing your own windows may not be the best idea. It's not that you don't have the skills needed to do a quality job but look at a few negatives of do-it-yourself window installation.

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Window Installations Take Time

If you're only installing one window, you may be able to finish the job in a reasonable amount of time. If your installation incudes multiple windows, you may be looking at a long, drawn-out project. Add even more time if you're installing on more than one level of your home. If you make mistakes during the process, you'll add even more time. A professional window installation crew can install an average of 10-12 windows per day. Depending on the number of windows you need, if you hire installers, the job could be finished in 1 or 2 days.

You Could Order the Wrong Size Windows

Even the best DIY expert sometimes makes mistakes. You may have the right tools. You may have even installed a few windows already. However, if window installation isn't your trade or something you do often, you could order the incorrect size. Seriously, it happens. Professional installers and the staff who work with residential windows every day know their products well. They understand standard and nonstandard window openings. They're less likely to order the wrong size of window than someone who doesn't work with windows often.

The Risk of Leaky Windows

Professionals not only know about sizes, they also have experience installing windows properly. No one doubts your abilities with DIY projects, but what happens if you don't get installation right? You could end up with leaky windows. Leaky windows don't only let moisture in, but they're also inefficient. If your windows aren't efficient, that means you risk higher energy bills and a home that doesn't stay as warm as needed during the winter or as cool as you want in the summer.

You Break It, You Own It

Of course, you'll be careful when you do your window installation, but you may not realize how much residential windows weigh. Not only that, their size and shape may mean you can't even lift them without the proper machinery. Imagine dropping a window! You risk damaging the window, your siding, and possibly yourself. The key word here is you since it will be you who bears the burden of repairing damage. Professional installers carry insurance that protects the customer and the business. Problems or accidents are taken care of by the window installation company. No worries for you!

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DIY Could Mean a Limited Warranty

No matter what installation method you choose, your windows will come with a warranty. A product warranty protects you from manufacturing defects. When you invest in new windows, you'll want a warranty on both the windows and the installation. If you install the windows, you may or may not still have a product warranty. Some manufacturers adjust the warranty for windows not installed by a certified installer. In some cases, self-installation voids the warranty completely. Why not enjoy the benefit of full protection? You'll sleep better at night knowing you're not responsible for any errors or installation issues.

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