The Perks of Hiring a Commercial Roof Repair Company

The Perks of Hiring a Commercial Roof Repair Company

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If your small business owns property, it's likely a part of a portfolio that allows you to justify lean months. As an asset, your building provides some stability while keeping your business looking good to investors and potential clients. However, with great assets come great responsibilities like maintenance, repairs, and security. Hiring a commercial roof repair company is a great way to ensure that your building for your small business maintains its value, both functionally and financially. Here are some of the perks of hiring a commercial roof repair company to repair your company's roof.

Warranties and Guarantees

Hiring a roofing company to repair your roof gives you certain guarantees. While guarantees of workmanship from company to company differ, they aren't something that your facilities manager or you can give to your company. If there's a problem with the roof and you yourself or one of your employees fixed it, you have no place to turn to for further repairs or to get reimbursed if the roof leaks and damages your property.

Manufacturer warranties can be tricky as well. If your facilities manager is unfamiliar with the requirements, he or she could inadvertently void warranties on materials used in the roofing repair or on the roof itself. Professional roofers know how to deal with warranties and the requirements to maintain their validity.

Personal and Employee Safety

Depending on the size of your business, you might be tempted to repair the roof yourself or to have your employees do it. This is a bad idea. If an employee is hurt while doing the roof repairs, not only will you be responsible for the hospital bills and workers' compensation, but you could also face a hefty lawsuit, especially if it's not in the employee's job description. If you get hurt, your entire business will suffer while you heal. For larger companies, a facilities manager may be on hand to do the job and have the skills to do minor repairs. However, he or she may not be your best choice depending on the repair and how many people are needed for it to be effective and efficient.

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Save Time and Money

Every repair job has a set of tools and knowledge that is required to do the job and spot problems that may not be readily apparent. It may look like the only thing that needs to be done is replace a couple of shingles. However, further investigation may show that the wind or a storm that tore the shingles loose also damaged the substructure of the roof. Your company doesn't necessarily have the tools needed to fix those problems. Even if your facilities manager has experience with roof repairs, he or she will probably have to go to the hardware store to get supplies. A professional roofing business will already have the tools to do any job related to roofing. Their team will also be able to spot other problems that need to be taken care of to avoid future problems that would become more expensive. For a quote on your roof repair needs, contact Findlay Roofing today.

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