Think you can’t get a roof repair in the winter? Myth debunked!

Think you can’t get a roof repair in the winter? Myth debunked!

Perhaps you've been sitting on your hands, hoping the need for a roof repair will go away. Or, perhaps your roof was recently damaged. Whatever the cause, getting a roof repaired when it's winter or the weather in Henry is inclement might seem impossible, or at the least, less than ideal.

Here are the factors roofers must consider before tackling a roof repair in the winter season.

  • Temperatures: The weather does dictate whether or not a roofer can proceed with a repair. Often, roofers must take temperature and conditions (like snow or ice on the roof) into consideration, as well as the type of repair that's needed. That's primarily because of safety for the workers, but manufacturers also dictate the temperature extremes in which shingles can be installed. If it's too cold, shingle adhesive will fail, and the repair job will need to be performed again, when it's warmer.
  • Scope of repair: Roof underlayment performance also changes with the weather. As temperatures become colder, underlayment is prone to breakage. If your roof needs repairs, workers should install underlayment in small segments so that it can be quickly covered by the shingles to avoid breakage.
  • Severity of damage: Unfortunately, roof damage is generally hastened and worsened by colder conditions. The cold temperatures cause shingles to contract and expand, making problems like a cracked or curled shingle only worse. Ice and snow puts increased pressure on damaged roofs. If your roof requires repairs, waiting can make it worse and more costly to repair down the road.

Don't hesitate to get your roof repaired under the false pretense that you have to wait for spring. If you need help with a roof repair, or you're wondering how long you can wait until you need to schedule service, contact Findlay Roofing for expert advice.

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