Tips for Preparing Your Attic for Winter

Tips for Preparing Your Attic for Winter

Heating costs can rise in the winter if you don't take the time now to prepare your attic for colder temperatures. Fortunately, getting your attic ready for winter doesn't have to take a lot of time or money. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your attic ready for winter temperatures.

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Insulate Your Attic

You don't want your furnace heating your attic during the winter. When you have poor insulation in the attic, moist air gets trapped. This can cause problems like mold and wood rot. If your attic is already insulated, check to make sure the insulation is holding in place well and hasn't been damaged by insects, rodents, or other critters that like to use insulation for nesting.

Seal Cracks

When you inspect your attic, take time to check for cracks or holes that allow air to escape. Even a tiny hole can cause your HVAC system to work overtime and raise your energy bills. The best way to check for holes in the attic is to inspect the area during the daytime and look for areas where daylight is visible. The easiest way to fix these problems is to seal the crack with caulk. Not only does sealing keep heat from escaping the attic, but it also keeps critters out and the space watertight.

Clear Debris from the Roof

Does your roof have a collection of pine needles and leaves? You might not give this debris a second thought, but you should. When this type of debris piles up on your roof, it can trap water. Standing water breaks down the roofing material and can cause leaks in your attic. Once water gets into the attic, it's only a matter of time before the water makes its way into your home's main living space.

Use an Attic Fan

Many people use attic fans in the summer to move hot air out of the attic. However, attic fans are great for wintertime usage too. During the winter, hot moisture-laden air builds up in the attic. Attic fans improve ventilation and remove the damp air from the space. Keeping your attic dry prevents rot and mold problems. If you don't have an attic fan, consider purchasing one to keep your attic from developing winter-related condensation.

Debris on Roof

Call for Pest Control

While inspecting your attic, did you notice any signs of critter infestation? If so, you want to take care of this problem right away. Sealing cracks keeps animals out of your attic, but you can't leave trapped critters inside the space. You'll end up more problems than you bargained for when you let critters bed down in your attic for the winter. Call a pest control service to help you safely remove any freeloaders from your attic.

You deserve to be cozy and warm in your home this winter. If you have existing roofing problems, get those taken care of as soon as possible to protect your roof's structure and your attic. For professional roofing services in the Atlanta area, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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