Top Things You Should Know before Installing a Skylight

Top Things You Should Know before Installing a Skylight

Do you have areas in your home that could use a little more light? Adding a skylight is a great way to infuse natural light into a dark space. Before you decide to install a skylight, read on to learn more about the installation process and how to choose the best place for a skylight.

Open Skylight on Roof

How to Avoid Skylight Glare

You want to install skylights carefully to minimize the chances of sun glare. Glare doesn't just make a room too bright. It can also make the room uncomfortably hot and make it uncomfortable to be in the space. Sun glare also washes out fabrics and causes fading. You can counteract sun glare by adding a shade or filter to the skylight.

Control the Light

Did you know that the shape of the skylight effects where the light goes in the room? If you want the light to spread out, install a skylight that flares instead of one with straight sides. Skylights with straight sides are better suited when you want focused light that enters the room in a straight line.

Create the Illusion of Space

Does your home feel small and cramped? Room additions are expensive but installing a skylight might fit perfectly into your budget. Rooms can feel smaller than they are when the light can't reach all the corners of the space. All it takes is one skylight placed just right to make a huge difference in the room.

Eliminate Heat Gain

Heat gain can make your home feel like a sauna. Georgia summers get hot, and you don't want a skylight making your home hotter. To eliminate heat gain, install a skylight that's constructed from double-insulated glass that's tempered with low-E coatings. Roofers also recommend bronze-tinted skylights, especially if the skylight is installed on the west or south side of the home.

You can minimize heat gain even more by installing the skylight at a lower slope. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests installing at a slope that's 5-15 degrees lower than your home's latitude.

Consider Vented Skylights

Another way to keep your home cool and still enjoy the natural light that skylights offer is to install a skylight that can vent. This allows fresh air into the room and lets the heat out. For ease of use, choose skylights that have a motorization feature instead of those that open manually.

Two Rooftop Skylights

Upgrade to Automatic Skylights

If your budget allows, consider installing automatic skylights that have rain and heat sensors. The sensor detects temperature and moisture, opening the skylight when it gets too hot and closing it when it senses rain. Most automatic skylights also come with programmable remotes.

No matter what type of skylight you choose to install, make sure your roof is in good condition to support this addition. If there are any obvious problems with your roofing structure or the materials, you want to get these taken care of before installing skylights. For a professional roof inspection, contact the Atlanta roofers at Findlay Roofing by calling (770) 516-5806.

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