Two Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof – Atlanta Roofing Company Commandments

Two Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof – Atlanta Roofing Company Commandments

skylightsIt's easy to appreciate the importance of a having a sound roof over your home. Without one, we would be exposed to weather, pests and all kinds of debris. But if you are careless with your roof, you can shorten its life and increase the chances of water damage to your home. Avoid creating big problems by following the advice of professional Atlanta roofing contractors.

Atlanta Roofing Company 1st Commandment - Don't Clean Your Roof By Brushing or Pressure Washing

The warm Atlanta climate is great for outdoor living. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity are also perfect for growing algae on your roof's asphalt shingles.

If you're like most homeowners, you can't stand the sight of black algae stains on your roof. And, like most homeowners, your instinct is probably to scrub your roof clean with a brush, broom or pressure washer. Don't do it.

Although abrasive cleaning will remove the algae, it will also take lots of mineral granules with it. These granules are vital to protecting your shingles and roof from sun, heat, impact and fire.

So, by inadvertently removing granules from your shingles, your cleaning has increased your roof's exposure to weather and impact damage. This results in a reduced roof life, an increased risk of water leaks and repairs, and a shorter time before you need to pay for a new roof.

Of course, you can still get rid of those dark algae stains, but you need to use a gentle chemical roof cleaning method. We recommend hiring a roof cleaning specialist for this job. The process is tedious and hazardous, as it requires you to walk on a slippery roof.

Atlanta Roofing Company 2nd Commandment - Don't Let Just Anyone Cut Holes In Your Roof

Home renovations like skylights and roof vents can be great, even necessary, improvements. But since they open holes in your roof, they can also open the door to roof leaks.

That's why you should be very careful when selecting the person you allow to cut holes in your roof. Every Atlanta roofing contractor knows that roof penetrations must be repaired properly to prevent roof leaks. Flashing must be installed around the entire opening to keep water from seeping in.

Paying a weekend handyman or your do-it-yourself uncle to punch holes in your roof is risky business. But if you must, you need to make sure he plans on installing flashing as part of the job. Don't let him tell you that a little sealant will do the trick. Any reputable roofer from Atlanta, Marietta or beyond, will tell you that sealants on the roof are, at best, a temporary solution.

If skylights or another roof-related renovation is in your future, ask your installer to bring in a professional roofer to work on the job. If he won't, then find an Atlanta roofing company that can perform your renovation project. And make sure you get a solid warranty on all performed work that covers roof leaks, damages and any required repairs.

Ease Your Mind With A Free Roof Analysis

If you have concerns about your existing roof penetrations or questions about skylights or other renovations, we invite you to contact us today.

We're glad to answer any roofing questions you may have. We can also perform a free roof analysis to assess your roof's overall condition and identify any problem areas.

The Findlay Roofing team looks forward to helping all of our friends in Atlanta, Marietta and throughout North Georgia with their roofing needs.

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