Types of doors for upgrading your home’s exterior

Types of doors for upgrading your home’s exterior

Selecting window replacements, upgrading siding and painting trim — these are just a few of the decisions Pickens homeowners face when remodeling. Another critical decision is your door. The types of doors available on the market can differ significantly, with some offering better security and others delivering durability. Find out how steel, wood and fiberglass doors differ and what they can off in terms of return on investment.


These doors are nearly impenetrable, and they're very strong when compared to wood or fiberglass doors. Steel doors, however, do have some shortcomings. Namely, if they are hit hard, they can become dented. This alters the door's visual appeal as a focal point for your home. Over time, exposure to the elements may cause steel doors to rust. With poor-quality frames, steel doors can't withstand the force of an intruder intent on getting inside your home. On the other hand, these types of doors won't crack or warp.


Wood doors offer an aesthetically pleasing look for a home while also delivering durability. The strength of a wood door provides homeowners with a pleasing sense of security, too. However, security also depends on the type of lock and frame used. Some of the strongest woods used for doors include mahogany and oak. In order to withstand the elements, however, wood doors require maintenance to ensure that the stain protects the wood finish.


These doors are a common alternative to wooden doors because they're stronger than wood, need little maintenance and aren't as easily damaged as steel or wooden doors. They withstand the elements very well and are a durable door. You can choose from a number of wood-like finishes stained in a variety of colors and styles to mimic the look of walnut, oak or cherry wood.

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