Types of gutters: Choosing the best materials and style

Types of gutters: Choosing the best materials and style

When choosing the right types of gutters, you have two important choices to make before you have them installed. First, you need to pick out the right material. Second, you need to choose the best style. Here are some of the most popular options around and some facts to help you choose what is best for you.

Gutter materials

Vinyl: Vinyl is a type of sturdy plastic that is used in a number of different construction projects. Gutters made from vinyl are lightweight and are available in a number of different colors. They are also easier to attach together. However, vinyl may not hold up well in extreme temperatures.

Aluminum and steel: Aluminum gutters are a common option: the lightweight metal offers rust resistance and easy assembly at the same time. Steel gutters are heavier but offer a modern shine and longevity that you will have to pay extra for.

Copper: Copper falls somewhere between aluminum and steel. It is not as light as aluminum and not as durable as steel, but it has a rich look that will eventually develop verdigris and give your home a classic appearance. Copper is one of the most expensive gutter materials around.

Cast iron: Cast iron gutters are rare these days but may still be used for older homes or houses where it is important to match a cast iron theme. They are the heaviest type of gutters and need extra support, as well as protective coatings.

Style options

Half-round: Half-round gutters, which are made in basic semicircle forms, offer a distinct curve for the edge of your rooftop. It is best to choose a gutter style that will match your rooftop as much as possible. Curving gutters are often most suitable for tile rooftops that also have a noticeable curve.

K-style: K-style gutters are one of the most popular types of gutters in the U.S. K-style coordinates well with a wide variety of houses, and with a color that matches the roof or trim, it is hard to go wrong with this style. This is an ideal choice if you would rather your gutters fade into the background as much as possible. It tends to look especially good with shingles.

Box: Box style is pretty much what it sounds like, a rectangular gutter style that can lend a very modern look to your home. Not surprisingly, these minimalistic box gutters are often used for metal materials like steel or copper. Rooftops made from cement panels, slate shingles, and other more unusual materials may benefit from this style.

Seamless: Seamless gutters are designed to fit around your rooftop's angles and corners in one piece. This removes those frequent section breaks, which can sometimes look a little awkward. These types of gutters are typically only available in aluminum materials.

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