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Unique Roofing Patterns and Design Ideas for Your Home

Make your roof stand out by choosing unique roofing patterns or designs that fits your style and looks great. Sometimes only simple changes can make a key difference in your roof appearance. The latest trends in home roofing offer a number of useful ideas for your next plans.

New shingle patterns emerging

Shingles remain the popular choice for residential housing, but now homeowners are embracing more unique roofing patterns and shingle styles, giving you many more options to get creative. So instead of traditional all-gray shingles, try experimenting with different options, like earth tones, red or yellow shingles, or even shingles that mimic the look of slate.

New and alternating shingle patterns are also growing in popularity. This means that shingles might run one way on most of your roof, but in an alternate direction on a specific part of your home to draw attention to it – such as a large chimney section or gable.

Alternative hip roofs and dormers add more style

If you are planning on using entirely new roofing patterns, look into interesting alternatives like new hip rooftops that use the classic four-sided roof but add different dimensions to it by layering roof sections and using separate rooftops for different levels of the home. If the classic hip roof is still too boring for you, consider adding dormers in the roof to give it new life. Dormer windows can be quickly added to attic spaces to make the rooftop less even and more interesting.

Metal is an increasingly common residential roof material

Metal is no longer relegated to sheds and warehouses. New metal panels and tiles are showing up on all kinds of homes. Not only are these rooftops resistant to harsh weather, they allow you to experiment with a number of unique styles. Metal roofs are available in many more colors than traditional shingles, allowing you to consider color options like greens or blues to offset your siding choices.

Flat is more popular than ever

Take a look at modern roof styles and you will quickly note that flat or nearly flat rooftops are becoming a common modern design feature. You do not need to have flat rooftops across your entire home – although multiple flat roofs is certainly a design option if you are renovating – but choosing a particular section and converting it to a flat rooftop could be be a very unique design move.

Imaginative entryways

The entryway roof has become a focal point of unique roof designs and roofing patterns. Not only does it tend to sit lower than the other sections of the roof, it is also a smaller area that is easier to experiment with while still preserving roof integrity. This has led to a number of hooded, curved and flat entryway roof designs that really set this area apart.

For guidance in choosing the right roofing design for your home, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing today.

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