Use attic ventilation to avoid roof damage

Use attic ventilation to avoid roof damage

When was the last time you hired a pro to assess your attic ventilation? Douglas homeowners can benefit from installing new ventilation in the attic or inspecting an existing system. As it turns out, the attic space plays a big role in the health of your home — and how long your roof will last, too.

On its own, or with insufficient insulation and nonexistent ventilation, the attic would succumb to intense heat buildup. The building materials themselves do nothing to resist heat movement through them. As a result, in the summer, the outdoor heat simply moves into the attic. Even with effective levels of insulation, an attic will succumb to significant problems without attic ventilation.

Roof damage

That intensely hot attic wreaks havoc. Unusually warm attics cause problems for the shingles and adhesives used to construct the roof. Eventually, the adhesive will wear out and shingles will come loose. Humidity is another concern for homeowners. Without a way to keep air and moisture circulating out of the space, humidity becomes trapped and can lead to wood rot and mold problems. When heat and humidity are high, metal roof components will rust, causing nails and fasteners to disintegrate. If moisture is left unchecked, it can eventually damage the roof decking, causing the roof to sag and warp. Excessive heat in the attic can shorten the life span of the underlayment and cause shingles to lose granules or crack.

Getting the ventilation you need

The only way to make sure your attic has the ventilation it needs is to hire a professional to assess the situation. One of the most common ventilation systems homeowners use is a combination of ridge and soffit vents located at the peak of the roof and the edges. This way, air can move into the attic at the edges, rising through the vents at the peak, pushing very hot air out in the process. Sometimes, homeowners require a mechanical system to power the movement of air through these vents, too. If your home already has vents, they may not be sized correctly to meet the ventilation needs of the attic.

Contact Findlay Roofing today to request a consultation or evaluation with one of our attic ventilation specialists. With the right ventilation in your attic, you'll avoid damage to the roof and attic and costly attic repairs, and you'll also save on energy bills and have a much higher comfort level in your home.

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