Want More Curb Appeal? Start with Your Roof

Want More Curb Appeal? Start with Your Roof

spring-open-houses-and-curb-appealIt's going to be the busiest season so far this year as many homeowners are revamping their houses to improve their curb appeal. Some are working on getting their gardens to blossom again; others have started renovating their homes. But not everyone is aware that the aesthetic value and function of a roof can also contribute to a home's curb appeal. Here is a good reminder, courtesy of HomeTips4Women.com, for homeowners in the middle of their spring cleaning tasks:

When is the last time you looked at your roof? You probably can't remember so a good habit is to take 10 seconds when you enter your driveway, to visually check your roof for missing shingles or anything else that doesn't look quite right. Roofing and gutters affect curb appeal in addition to keeping your home dry.

North Carolinians can kick off their spring cleaning marathons with simple roof structure checks. This will help you ensure that the entire roof framing is still intact. This part is best done with the help of professional roofers in Marietta. Other things that need your attention are:

  • The valleys of the roof. Roofing contractor Roof Roof thoroughly inspects these areas to ensure that the roof valleys and the entire gutter system are free from debris and leaves that may cause clogs.
  • Metal flashings. It's important to have flashings on pipes, roof vents, and chimneys inspected, as one of the major causes of roof leaks is loose metal flashing.
  • Regular roof inspections. Marietta is no stranger to extreme weather, and the different seasons can take a toll on roofs. No matter what your roof is made of, you need to have it inspected.

Roof Roof offers topnotch roofing products and services in the form of window, door, siding, and gutter repair and replacement. To learn more about their offerings, visit roofroof.com today.

(Article Excerpt and Image From Spring, Open Houses and Curb Appeal, hometips4women.com)

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