Weather Talk: 10 Common Weather-Specific Terms

Weather Talk: 10 Common Weather-Specific Terms

Partly cloudy or mostly sunny? Is black ice really black? What does the weather anchor mean by “Bermuda high”? You probably watch the weather news every single day under the comfort of your Raleigh roofing but have little idea what is actually being discussed.

We know that as a homeowner, you are concerned with how the weather affects your home. Here are 10 weather-related terms to add to your word bank:

  • Acid rain. Rain or cloud droplets with pollutants like nitrogen and sulfur oxide that make them acidic.
  • Alberta clipper. A speedy low-pressure system that travels southeast out of Alberta, Canada, over the Midwest, Great Plains, and Great Lakes region commonly during winter. Strong winds, light snow, and other colder temperatures usually accompany it.
  • Bermuda high. A semi-fixed subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean outside the east coast of North America that moves east and west with changing central pressure.
  • Black ice. Thin ice newly formed on dew-covered or freshwater surfaces. It is called “black” because of its transparency.
  • Breezy. A type of wind with speeds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour with warm or mild temperatures.
  • Cloudy. A situation when more than 60% of the sky is covered with clouds.
  • Cold front. A restricted transition zone that divides departing warmer air from advancing colder air. The air behind it is cooler and is normally drier than the air being replaced.
  • Convergence. A weather condition that takes place when winds cause a parallel net inflow of air into a particular region.
  • El Niño. A phenomenon characterized by unusually warm temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.
  • La Niña. Basically the opposite of El Niño, with unusually cool temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.

These terms will be helpful the next time you watch the weather. In being weather-conscious, you are probably concerned about whether your roofing in Raleigh can withstand different weather conditions. Make sure you are prepared for any harsh elements that may come. Call us here at Roof Roof today, and we’ll take care of your roofing needs.

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