Weatherproof Roofing: How the pros install it on your home

Weatherproof Roofing: How the pros install it on your home

Weatherproofing should be part of any new roofing work, as it serves as the final line of defense against damaging leaks. Weatherproofing is also something for you to consider upgrading in an older roof. To find the right formula for keeping the moisture out, professional roofers will analyze an existing structure and offer recommendation customized for your home, depending on the age of your roof and other factors.

Here is a guide to understanding how the pros weatherproof roofing:

Adhesive underlayments

While some roofers recommend felt paper as a protective underlayment in roofing, there are several reasons why this option is far from ideal. Once shingles or tiles are nailed into the deck, felt paper has holes where water can seep inside. Other problems with felt paper include its tendency to curl and leave seams exposed under shingles.

Adhesive underlayments have less of a tendency to tear or peel, giving most roofs a better option in weatherproofing. Since the adhesive sticks to the roof deck on its own, roofers have no need to drive nails into the material to keep it in place. This improvement over felt paper offers an additional layer of protection against leaks. Roofers will discuss the options with you and offer recommendations based on experience.

Sloping roof solutions

If you want to weatherproof roofing with the type of steep slope common in historic Buckhead homes, roofers may seek a solution normally reserved for homes in colder climates. Because heavy winds and intense rain can test a sloping roof and cause leaks, a waterproofing membrane is often the best option. Instead of barriers made of metal, this type of asphalt membrane provides a shield against the worst weather you will encounter in the Atlanta area.

Built-up roofing (BUR)

For a reliable weatherproofing system on asphalt roofs, a roofer may recommend a four-ply built-up roofing (BUR) system as the right choice for your home. This protection provides a roof with nearly five times the thickness of other weatherproofing systems while cutting the number of seams to a bare minimum. With fewer spaces for air and water to penetrate, this system offers professionals a way to keep your home from being exposed to the elements longer.

Every roof has special considerations for professionals to address when they look ways to weatherproof roofing. Findlay Roofing will help you find a weatherproofing formula that protects your home for the long run.

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