What Objects to Keep Out of Your Attic

What Objects to Keep Out of Your Attic

What Objects to Keep Out of Your Attic

Do you want to keep pests away from your attic? Then think carefully about storage. Certain objects will make it easier for pests to find your attic space…and overstay their welcome. Avoid storing these things near your roof!

Anything related to food

At first glance, this seems like a common sense, but you'd be surprised at just how tempting it can be to store food in your attic-space (especially if you are low on room and need a place to store those cans, bottles, or packages of food, just for a season or two). The problem is that pests of all kinds are very, very good at smelling out food. Keeping food right below your roof is a great way to attract pests. If you don't have a downstairs pantry, try designating one particular area of a closet as the "pantry" space.

Soft fabric, paper, or tissue

In addition to preserving these items (which can be damage by leaks and bad weather), you can also help prevent pest issues by keeping them away from your attic space. Pests like mice, rats and squirrels love to chew up these materials and use them for nests. If they find a plentiful supply of fabric or paper, they won't hesitate to bunk down for the long haul - and start destroying your possessions. This is particularly dangerous when it comes to squirrels and raccoons, which will often dig holes in your room to reach a new den.

Stuffed animals

The attic may seem like a natural place to store old stuffed animals while waiting for that upcoming garage sale, but it's a bad idea. Rodents can usually find these items and will destroy them to build nests. This only encourages pests to stay around for long periods of time.


There are two good reasons to keep your candles away from the roof. First, in high temperature months they can melt—and no one likes a runny, waxy candle. Second, animals love to gnaw on candles- especially those "natural" candles made out of materials like beeswax. They are a homing beacon for rodents and other pests.

Anything that can be used as a roost

Both owls and bats enjoy a good roost. If you have any furniture or posts that make a good roosting spot, be sure to lay them on their sides and preferably cover them up so that your attic space doesn't look so inviting to certain pests.

Insulation gaps

This isn't something that you store, but it is very important to watch for when using any attic area. Cracks in insulation or gaps make it very easy for pests to sense heat and dig their way inside. Proper attic insulation is the first defense against annoying pests!

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