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What Type of Roofing Nails Are Best for Your Home?

Findlay Roofing has used 550,174,653 nails while installing more than 52,293 roofs (and counting). But what is the importance of those nails? While it may seem like a minor detail, selecting the right type of nails really matters. Different types of roofing nails are best-suited for particular types of roofs, and using the proper kind can ensure greater durability for your home's roof and shingles.

Below, you'll discover a few of the different types of roofing nails available and what situations they're best for.


Aluminum nails are quite common, and they are best used in conjunction with metal or asphalt shingles. These nails get a bad rap for being made out of aluminum. In reality, however, they are sturdy and are hardened to better mimic steel. Aluminum nails are often more budget-friendly than other types. If they work for your home's needs, you'll find they are a reliable choice for keeping your roof secure and avoiding long-term risk of rotting or loosening.

Stainless Steel

If you're looking for roofing nails for a house near the coast (as opposed to the Atlanta area), you should consider stainless steel nails. This hardy material is better able to withstand the salty sea air and not as likely to rust or perform poorly. Stainless steel nails can be expensive, but they have the bonus of never rusting. Even in non-coastal homes, these are a popular type of nail due to their durability and ease of use.


Galvanized nails are steel nails that have been coated in a layer of zinc. These are often used for projects with asphalt shingles. Galvanized nails are excellent at withstanding rust. Compared with other common types of roofing nails, they are also more likely to hold up over the seasons and less likely to shrink and crack. They are one of the most popular types of roofing nails, due to their ease of use, versatility and low cost.

While the differences between the types of roofing nails seems small, having the right type of nail can mean extra protection against moisture damage, tornadoes, tropical storms and any other weather that comes our way. Sometimes the right nails can make all the difference.

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