Which Type of Roof Vent Is Best for Your Roof Style?

Which Type of Roof Vent Is Best for Your Roof Style?

There are many different types of roof vents for many different styles of roofing, so it can be difficult to know which is best for your home. However, properly ventilating your roof can lower your energy costs, help eliminate moisture and increase air circulation. That's why it is important to know which vent is best for your roof.

Architecture, climate, roofing and square footage are a few of the factors that can influence which roof vent is best for your home. Your best option is to find the vent that will remove the hot air from your attic in the most efficient manner. Here are the four most common roof vents.

Box Vents

Box vents are considered static vents since they have no moving parts. Box vents are open-air vents and are among the least expensive roof vent options. For roofs with lower pitches, these vents are often more efficient because there is no fan to move the heat and moisture out of your home.

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are installed in the eaves of your roof. Often made of aluminum, vinyl or PVC, these vents increase the circulation and ventilation in your attic by letting outside air flow into your attic.

Roof Ridge Vents

These vents, as the name implies, run the entire ridge of your roof. The center of the vent is solid, while there are open vents on each side allowing for circulation and ventilation. Like box vents, roof ridge vents are static and have no moving parts. They help create an even temperature in your attic and work best on pitched roofs. Understanding how they compare with the next option, turbine vents, can help you choose which is the best option for your home.

Turbine Vents

Unlike box and ridge vents, these vents are not static. However, they also don't require electricity, relying instead on the naturally occurring breeze. When there is a strong breeze, these vents offer ventilation and air circulation, but they are much less effective when there is no breeze. Although the natural movement of the vent is efficient, some models are may produce loud, squeaky noises.

Consult a professional roofer, like those at Findlay Roofing, to help you choose the best roof vent for your home.

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