Who Handles Roof Repairs When Buying or Selling a Home?

Who Handles Roof Repairs When Buying or Selling a Home?

In any real estate transaction, there are points of contention between the seller and a buyer weighing an offer on the property.

Home inspections will reveal issues around the house, but Realtors often advise sellers to have a roofer look at their property before putting it on the market. By getting an accurate picture of the roof's condition, sellers know what roof repairs are necessary and can price the home appropriately.

Roofing and real estate contracts

Every good or bad point of a house may factor into the final price agreed upon between the buyer and home seller, and the roof is a common sticking point. Unless the roof was installed within the past five years, home sellers do well for themselves to have the roof inspected by a professional roofer. Otherwise, home inspectors who note problems with the roof will be forced to complicate the sale later in the process.

Being proactive with a roof analysis eliminates one of the big unknowns when you are planning to sell your home. Rather than waiting for a home inspector to call attention to rotting shingles, shoddy underlayment, damaged flashing or other problems, a roof inspection will provide a clue to pricing your house correctly. Realtors have a much easier time selling a property when this step is completed before the house hits the market.

Negotiating roof repairs

Just because your roofer spotted some problem worth repairing doesn't mean you have to pay for the job yourself. As a home seller, you may consider your work done on the property, or you may be preoccupied with setting up your new home. In any event, there is no requirement that says you must complete repairs on shingles or other parts of your roofing.

If you choose to go to contract on a home with roof issues, expect the buyer to factor these negatives into the offer. Moving into a home with a slate of roofing problems is hardly attractive to buyers, so discuss with your Realtor the impact roof damage will have on the final price. Investing in repairs before going on the market could deliver a net gain for you. From the buyer's perspective, follow the inspector's recommendations with a look by a professional roofer to know what you face if you close the deal.

Navigating through the issue of roof repairs is common during the home buying and selling process. By knowing the precise condition of your roof beforehand, sellers save everyone time and stress during the transaction. Let Findlay Roofing professionals help when it's time to put your home on the market.

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