Why adding attic insulation is a must

Why adding attic insulation is a must

High-quality shingles, proper installation, effective maintenance — these are all roofing factors that contribute to a comfortable, energy-efficient home in the Cherokee area. But there's one more critical component: Adding attic insulation. Without enough insulation in the attic, temperatures in the space will soar and create a trickle-down effect in your home that you can't ignore.

Why insulation?

Roofing materials protect the home's structure from the elements and create a barrier that stops water, for example, from penetrating through the roof and damaging the home. But the roof does little to prevent heat transfer through it. That's why adding attic insulation is imperative.

Insulation is designed to be a barrier to prevent heat from moving through the home's roofing and structure. In the summer, insulation stops the intense heat from moving inside the home. Without insulation or without enough of it, the heat would cause problems through the whole house.

  • Heat buildup in the attic wreaks havoc on roof shingles and causes the adhesive that holds them in place to loosen.
  • Heat buildup also causes problems in the living space below the attic. As the temperature in the attic rises, the temperature in the living space rises, too. So you'll need to run your A/C more often to overcome the heat buildup. This is inefficient process hastens the demise of the A/C and causes energy bills to rise.

Resolving insulation issues

How do you know if your home has enough insulation? If it was recently built, your contractors should have followed federal guidelines for installing a certain R-value (or resistance to heat) of insulation. You can head up to the attic and take a look at the floor if the space is unfinished. The insulation should generally be level with the floor joists or rest just slightly below them. You can also hire a contractor to evaluate the insulation in the space and make sure it meets federal regulations for energy efficiency for your area. Check the ENERGY STAR site to find your region and its requirements.

Don't let a little insulation — or lack of it — affect your home comfort or damage the roof. Contact Findlay Roofing today for help to assess the situation and adding attic insulation. We serve homeowners in Cherokee and the surrounding areas with quality roofing and insulation services.

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