Why Does Your Atlanta Roof Need Underlayment?

Why Does Your Atlanta Roof Need Underlayment?

underlaymentMost building codes require one to two layers of underlayment for sloped roofs. But even if they didn't, your Atlanta roofing contractor wouldn't risk building your roof without it. Here are the reasons why underlayment is an irreplaceable part of any shingled roofing system.

Why Install Underlayment On Your Atlanta Roof?

Once your new roof is complete, the main function of underlayment is to act as a backup water barrier, in case water finds its way past your shingles. An underlayment system can be water-resistant or fully waterproof, depending on the quality of the material that is selected.

A more expensive waterproof underlayment not only blocks out water and snow, but also prevents water vapor from penetrating your roof deck and entering your attic.

During the construction process, underlayment temporarily serves as the primary barrier against water. So don't worry if it rains before your Marietta roofing contractor can install all of your shingles. As long as your roof deck is covered by the proper amount of underlayment and vent openings are properly covered, water intrusion will not be an issue.

Underlayment is also critical for fire protection, as most roofing systems require underlayment to meet the fire code and/or achieve Class A fire ratings.

And if all of these reasons don't convince you on the importance of underlayment, your shingle manufacturer's warranty policy will. Most reputable shingle manufacturers have strict underlayment installation requirements that must be satisfied before they will apply their warranty coverage to your roof.

How Roof Underlayment Protects Your Atlanta Roof

Underlayment is effective as a water barrier because it is made from an asphalt-impregnated felt material. As mentioned earlier, underlayment materials can be engineered to be fully waterproof or simply water-resistant.

The installation process is critical for making sure underlayment can do its job properly. Underlayment is sold in rolls that are typically 3-ft wide. Your Atlanta roofing contractor unrolls the underlayment on your roof deck horizontally, taking care to lay it out smoothly and flat. The first layer is rolled out along the bottom edge of your roof and nailed in place.

The next layer is overlapped on the first layer by 2 to 19 inches, depending on how flat your roof is. Building codes, the shingle manufacturer's warranty, and industry best practices can all dictate overlapping requirements, but in general, the flatter the roof, the greater the overlap. The largest overlaps result in two layers of underlayment covering your roof deck.

Eventually, each layer of underlayment is nailed in place. When the underlayment is completely installed, any water that may fall on it before your shingles are installed will harmlessly roll down and over the edges of your roof.

Once your shingles are installed, the hope is that water will never reach the underlayment. However, shingles can get damaged or lifted over time. If this happens and water gets behind your shingles, it is nice to know that a sound underlayment installation will keep your roof deck dry until your Marietta roofing company can perform the necessary shingle repairs.

A Professional Atlanta Roofing Company Can Select And Install Roof Underlayment Properly

There is no shortage of roofing materials and products to choose from when it comes to underlayment. Finding a material that meets building and fire codes can be simple.

But making sure you select and install an underlayment product according to your shingle manufacturer's warranty requirements can be a little more difficult.

The best way to be sure your underlayment and roof installation satisfies all the applicable code and warranty requirements is to hire a trained and experienced Atlanta roofing company like Findlay Roofing.

Contact us today and we'll be happy to help you meet all of your roofing needs.

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